Monday, July 11, 2011

Weekend Recap

Ummm...Mondays (for lack of a better word) suck.  My work phone started blowing up before I even got out of my car this morning, and by 10:00am, I felt like banging my head against my desk for a good hour.  After I decided against that as a remedy for my Monday morning angst, I decided to reminisce over my non-sucky weekend...

As mentioned in previous post, I spent my Friday evening with the boy enjoying the evening outside, wine in hand, grill fired up.  It was delightful.  Please reminisce with me for a moment...

Ahhh, the joys of summer nights and Sauvignon Blanc.  Side note...I tried a recipe on Friday evening inspired by this post from Christi over at Burlap and Basil.  It was delicious!   You must head over there and check out her fab recipies AND her July's delightful!

Saturday day was rather uneventful for me, except for the awesome deals I got at Ulta!  But first a little back story on this....

A few months ago after hearing a story about his cousin getting 27 bars of soap for free at Wal-Mart or something, the boy decided he needed to become an extreme couponer (the extreme part being that we didn't use coupons before and now we do...).  So now he gets the Sunday paper and clips out coupons for which we now have this beauty...

I will admit that at first I found this new "hobby" unbelievably annoying, and mostly a hassle in that it involved me constantly cleaning up mutilated newspapers from all over the house.  My distaste for this new obsession came to a boiling point when I found this little gem hanging out with the health and beauty products:

I feel it may have been slightly more effective for him to just clip a coupon for "No Sex"....  Anyways, I finally got over my annoyance with the couponing after we saved, like a million dollors (okay, like 20 dollars) on sunscreen before vacay.  I'm now starting to warm to the idea of this money saving thing, although we may have to have a "come to jesus talk" about the amount of feminine hygeine products he clips.  It's seriously starting to get weird.

So, back to this weekend and my little trip to Ulta, coupon book in hand.  I needed to get a few goodies, including my covergirl mascara which I was out of.  Well, wouldn't you know that CoverGirl products were buy one, get one 50% off, and somebody happened to have a $2.50 off CoverGirl coupon AND a $3.50 off Ulta coupon!  Well, hello cute new eyeliner I got for free...I'll make a nice little home for you in my make-up bag.  That combined with the deal I got on Matrix shampoo and conditioner meant I left there a happy little girl. 

With new shampoo and eyeliner in my beauty arsenal, I felt confident I could take over the world...or at least make it out to a bar or two Saturday evening.  So, I rounded up the girls and we made plans for an evening out.  Let me preface this by saying that we live in a college town and our only real options are college bars.  Ummm, let's just say that the gals and I are slightly past our college days to say the least, so I find bar-hopping these days to be a rather interesting experience.

For starters, at this age, the decision to go out needs to be made a good 6 to 10 hours before departure time to said bars.  Deciding what to wear can typically range from closet hopping to brand new outfit, and from hot pants to spanx these days as well.  Luckily we all managed to find something in our closets that would cover our wobbly bits and our self-doubt at the same time.  Lucky us.  The process of getting ready also involves several rounds of gossip as well as at least 1, maybe 2 glasses of wine (this is important because we need to be drunk enough to still want to go out by 11:00pm, but sober enough to not put on sweatpants and opt for a Lifetime movie instead).  It has become such a rare occurance to actually make it to the bars, that documentation is usually needed so as to prove that we actually do still have lives (and clean up well!) during moments where we bottom out on pathetic-ness (i.e., falling asleep at 9:00pm on a Saturday night).  This past weekend, since Miranda had the Porsche, said documentation came in the form of "car models"....umm, yeah, like in those stupid magazines. 

Ummm, yeah so that happened, and yes, that is Whitney straddling the Porsche logo.  What can I say, we are nothin' but class!

Anyways, after this display of ridiculousness, it was seriously time to get our bar hoppin' on.  First stop: over-crowded patio area with cash-only bar.  Ummm, scuse me?  I have only enough cash for covers...can I write you a check?  In addition to that, I find my tolerance for crowds to get lower and lower with every birthday that passes.  I need ma personal space please, and can you PLEASE blow your cigarette smoke away from me now?!?!  Anyways, we lasted at first bar right up until we needed to use the overcrowded bathroom which has only one stall.  Miranda made the executive decision that at 27, 28, and (almost) 29 years old respectively, it becomes socially acceptable to bypass the 10+ women in line for the women's restroom, and the 2 men in line in the men's bathroom, and walk right into the men's room (while 2 guys were standing with their junk out at the urinal) and claim one vacant stall in the men's room.  Well, that cleared the men out pretty quick, and to my satisfaction, there was a line of about 10+ guys waiting in line when we left.  (Oh come on...don't tell me all you ladies reading this don't take satisfaction in seeing men have to wait from time to time too...)

Our second stop along the way was much more bearable.  The lines were shorter and the bartender made my skinny girl margaritas just perfectly!  In addition, they had white wine, which they served in actual wine glasses....very strange.  Picture this...2 almost 30-year olds drinking wine at a dance club frequented by 20-year olds.  The irony of it all is that one glass of wine will do for one of us the same thing that 6 vodka cranberries used to do to us (young gals...that is what you have to look forward to).  Side adorable are my friends?

I don't care if a 22-year old girl was being impregnated on the dance floor to 'lil Wayne only 10-ft away...we will have our wine and drink it too! 

Side note...why do boys think it's funny to take pictures like this when you hand them the camera...

and pictures like this when you have the camera....

So, needless to say, it was an eventful evening that was capped off by me feeling the need to pre-emptively consume 2 tylenol PM tablets to avoid a hangover.  Well headache averted, however, I only vaguely remember waking up for 45 minutes to make the boy breakfast before sending him off to work before getting back into bed and sleeping (and I mean a sleep-through-sirens, thunderstorms, marching bands-kind of sleep) until 1:00 in the afternoon.  Say what?!  What was I thinking?  Let's just say that among the things I learned this weekend included this little tid-bit...2 glasses of wine + 2 skinny girl margs + 2 tylenol PM = lazy unproductive sunday.

Okay, I say unproductive Sunday, but in actuality, I did make it to the grocery store and out for a run before returning to bed to watch 10 consecutive hours of the Harry Potter marathon to complete my Sunday.  I know you're jealous you're not me right now. 

Anyways, that was my long-winded, mind numbing, weekend recap.  Thanks for bearing through that post.  Have a fabulous week dear readers!


christi @ burlap and basil said...

i think you and i would be fast friends in real life! we love grilling out on the weekends, enjoying a glass {or three} of wine at a bar that includes serious people watching and being goofy is our middle name. loved this post and it looks like the most perfect weekend. so glad ya'll enjoyed the zucchini, too. i'll have to try it with peppers - i have a bunch of those roasted and canned. oh yum!

Elizabeth said...

I am loving this post! You literally made me laugh at loud because I totally agree that the older you get, the farther in advance going out plans need to be made. I also must drink just the right amount while getting dressed so that I'll still want to go out when I'm finished!

Sounds like you had a fabulous weekend! I am loving your photos. And I'm loving the looks of that recipe!


Amanda said...

Taryn, I'm loving this post (and your blog)! New follower :) Back to reading more!

Casey @ Classic with a Pop said...

This is hilarious! Love your blog! Stumbled upon it this morning and am so glad I did :) Consider me your newest follower!

Sunny & Star said...

I cracked up when I was reading this post. Especially the part about your husband couponing and the "come to jesus talk" that is in his near future! Thanks for making my day.

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