Friday, December 7, 2012

Shit Boys Say

Ever since those damn videos went viral, I don't think a week has gone by that I haven't gotten some response from my husband about some statement I've made that's "totally a 'Shit Girls Say' comment".  I think it's about time we highlight some of the Shit Boys Say that you'll pretty much never hear come out of my mouth.

"I'm really craving nachos right now."

"No, this is a V8 engine."

"I did legs is chest and back."

"Can we make, like, mini-pizzas for dinner?"

"You wanna play with my penis?"

"You want to go to O'Charleys?"

"I'm tired of there a project I can work on?"

"I'm going to clean out the garage on my day off."

"What the hell are we watching?"

"Can I play with your boobs?"

"What can I make for lunch today?"

"What are you making for dinner?"

"What do we have to eat around here?"

"No thanks...If I get hungry I'll just have a candy bar."

"Rite Aid had a great sale on vodka...I bought 2 bottles."

"Can you make that thing with the goat cheese?"

"Can I have a blow job?"

"I taped the Victoria's Secret Fashion show for you."

"I've been farting the whole time we've been on this run."

"Those jambox speakers would be cool for Christmas."

"I really want some new rims for my car."

"I don't need any new clothes."

"I'm gonna go right back."

"When you leave the room, can you please remember to turn the lights off?"

"That bitch is crazy."

"Should I do a Roth IRA or a Mutual Fund?"

"Wanna have sex?"

"I know you already told me, but what are we doing today?"

"Do we have any Doritos?"

"It was the dog that farted."

"I farted."

"You're so cute when you're mad."

"Should we get some buffalo wings to start?"

"She's not my girlfriend."

"One day, I'll own my own business...and I'll make bank."

"Yes, I've thought about what I'm getting you for Christmas."

"When is Christmas?  Like, what day?"

"Look what happens when I put my fingers in the dogs' nose..."

"It feels so good to itch my balls."

"Erin Andrews is so hot."

"Im out of gym shorts...can we do laundry tonight?"

"If I sweep the floor, will you play with my penis?"

"Your heels are like landmines on our bedroom floor."

"What's it like to be married to someone as sexy as me?"

"How come you never wear make-up anymore?"

"You're such a brat."

"I'm out of protein powder."

"I drank a RockStar so now I'm fine."

"Fish Oil is a crucial part of my vitamin regime."

"Smell this still okay to eat?"

"I feel like you're mad about something."

"I thought 'extra virgin olive oil' and 'extra light olive oil' were the same thing."

"Tombstone is on.  Sweet!"

"I hate your car."

"I ate all the buffalo chicken dip."

"Can we have sex tonight?"

What shit do the boys in your life say? 

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

WILW - My Christmas List

Now that it's December, I no longer have to worry about pre-Christmas decorating and celebrating criticism.  I figure what better time to link up for What I'm Loving Wednesday - My Christmas List edition!

Now, I'm not delusional enough to think I will get all these things, but it's certainly the best time of year to day dream about boxes with bows and what might be in them.  Plus, if your mom is like mine, she starts pestering you in October about what you want for Christmas, so it sort of forces one to figure it out!

First up - a new handbag.  After purchasing my first Coach purse last spring, I am sold on high quality handbags.  I never though it was worth the investment...but it is!  My purse has been through the ringer and it looks great!  Of course, I now need a new fall color.  I've been eyeing some Michael Kohrs and Coach bags this season.

Source: via Taryn on Pinterest

Source: via Taryn on Pinterest

I'm well aware that I'm late to the party on this, but also wanting the Naked 2 pallete.

And because I cannot ask for new, clear skin for Christmas (I already asked my husband to get me that and he looked at me like I had 4 heads), I am really needing one of these sassy ladies...
Source: via Izzy on Pinterest

This kind of stuff is nearly always on my list year after year...I rarely buy myself perfume even though I wear it every day!  My two favorite scents!

Source: via Izzy on Pinterest

And of course, I would not hate to find anything from LUSH under the tree.  I seriously love just about everything I've tried from there...especially Dream Cream for my itchy skin in the winter and their heavenly bath bombs.  I'm relaxing just thinking about it.

Source: via Taryn on Pinterest

And of course...a gal can dream, right?  I've been lusting over several variations of this beauty for about a year now.  I love the rose gold tones.

Source: via Taryn on Pinterest

What's on your Christmas list this year???

Monday, December 3, 2012


Happy Monday friends!  My apologies for being a little late to the "Thanksgiving recap" posts...I guess I over-indulged a bit over the holiday (4 pies, 3 boxes of GiGis mini cupcakes and an entire batch of pumpkin cookies with frosting - and I had my share of all of them) and needed a week to recover from food shame. 

I just wanted to share a few pics from our weekend.  I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and had some time in the midst of food and football for reflection on what it means to be truly thankful.

After spending the past 3 years in Georgia and Texas for the holiday, I was thrilled it was once again my parents who were hosting the festivities in Louisville.  We had about 20 people at our dinner and 17 players for our annual Thursday morning football game.  Last year my aunt got adorable aprons for all the gals and shirts for all the boys (the were going to the Texas vs Texas A&M game), I decided to order everyone gameday shirts this year.  I am happy to report that for the 5th year in a row, my mom was picked last by the team captains.  I am also happy to report that my team (The Wish Boners) won in a last minute touchdown play. 

After football, we all headed back to the house and showered up and hunkered down for some football.  I spent the rest of my morning working on a puzzle with my nephew and stuffing my face with chicken ball (sounds wierd, but its delicious).  We at dinner about 4:00, followed some rushed family photos before the sunset.

The whole crew!

The gals :)

Silly girl shot

Me and Husband

Close up...we like blue, I guess :)

Just my family!
All in all it was a wonderful weekend, and I wanted to cry when I had to get up at 6am on Monday.  Needless to say, the past week has been about begging my body for forgiveness.  After 3.5 weeks on the south beach diet leading up to Thanksgiving, even my 4 mile daily runs throughout the weekend did not make up for all the sweets.  No regrets though...holidays only happen once a year!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Mirror, Mirror

Happy Thanksgiving week all!  I am thankful for each and every one of you who stop by my little corner or the internet and support me and my blog.  I hope everyone gets to enjoy some time with family and loved ones this week. 

But before the cranberry fluff coma I am fully preparing to enter into in a few days, I wanted to share a little project I finished up this week with all of you.  I think it goes without saying that I can get a lil crafty from time to time.  However, my crafty side is typically limited to finding ways to trick my husband into rubbing my feet or watching the latest Twilight movie in theaters. 

This week, however, I pulled out the Martha Stewart in me once again and gave an antique mirror in my garage a little makeover.  About a month ago, husband and I, along with our parents travelled up to a huge antique show near Cincinnati and my mom bought a giant mirror while she was there.  As it turned out, there wasn't enough room for it in her car, so in our truck it went and in my garage it sat. 

After a few weeks of housing it in our garage, I decided the mirror now belonged to me and I got to work on making it a usable piece for our living room.  I painted the frame a blue color that matched fabric in our throw pillows and picked up some stencil letters and frosted glass spray paint and went to town.  A little brown glaze over the bright blue, gave it more of a rustic look I was going for.

The mirror before.

I put painters tape around the edge and then cut open trader joe's paper bags to cover the glass while I spray painted the frame.

We measured and centered the letters and then cut a hole in the paper bags to make room for them.  We had to wait until they dried and then move the duplicate letters.

The finished product with our fall decor up.  I had a different mirror there before but this one looked so much better!

I bit the bullet and put up some of my Christmas decor on Saturday.  I love my new mirror!

So there you have it!  I am getting craftier by the day!  I debated a bit on what words to put on the mirror and thought about doing our last name or monogram, but decided against it.  As the focal point in the room, I wanted the mirror to really say something which is why I felt like "blessed" was the perfect word for the mirror.

I am feeling particularly blessed this holiday season for a wonderful husband, family I adore, and a great career.  What are you feeling blessed for right now?

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

What I'm Loving Today

Good morning readers!  I'm just sitting here tonight smelling yummy smells in my house and watching Taylor Swift Storytellers on DVR and waiting for my husband to get home, and I am smiling because I am blessed.  What a great day for a link up for WILW, don't you think?

To begin, I am loving that Thanksgiving is in 8 days.  My aunts and uncles and cousins and my sweet nephews will all be in one place, and that is my favorite thing on earth.  It doesn't happen often.  Plus, this is the first Thanksgiving I will get to spend with my man, so that's a double bonus.  Here's a look at Thanksgivings past and our "girls photo"...





Secondly, I am loving that I got to have brunch with two of my best friends on Sunday.  I hate when life gets in the way of making time for those we love.  That's the big huge bummer about getting older (that and all the bills...I hate those).  I love being able to catch up and just do a pulse check to make sure we are all still alive.  Sorry no pics from brunch...sometimes it's just not the time and place :-)

I am loving kind of sort of figuring out what I am getting everyone for Christmas!  I have been making a list for about a month, and figuring out what to get everyone is frankly the hardest part.  I really feel like I've got a jump on the game this year!  Cross your fingers that I will be halfway done by the end of November (that's my goal).

Also loving that my Pottery Barn stockings came in yesterday and they match our living room and decor perfectly.  I can't wait to hang them and decorate!

I'm loving that I get to kiss all over these guys in just over a week.  They melt my heart.

I'm loving that after a year of living together, my dogs within the last month have become total cuddle buddies.  Although, I find this completely bizarre that for  11 months they slept on their own dog beds and now they just sleep on the one....

Lastly...and this is the best one...I am LOVING that my husband starts a new job on Monday. It's very gratifying to see him so happy and excited about new opportunities that have come his way. More importantly, I am excited that for the first time in our relationship, we will have the same work schedule. Huge bonus. I just like hanging out with him... :-)

Happy Wednesday Y'all!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

I'll admit, hearing Christmas music on the radio the other day completely caught me off guard.  I had to stop and remember what day was for a minute, and then it dawned on's November.  Where the hell did the year go??  Realizing that the world is officially in "holiday mode" reminded me of two things...I really need to get a head start on my Christmas shopping this year, and secondly...this is my favorite time of the year.

Why is it my favorite time of the year?  Well, for obvious reasons...time with family, being thankful, warm fires, and all things Christmas...but there is also another reason I love this time of year.  It's when I fell in love. 

Growing up I always assumed I would fall in love one day, imagined what it would be like and who it would be with.  I actually thought I would fall in love many times...knew I would have my heart broken too, but I looked forward to experiencing those feelings that I have read about, seen in movies, and heard stories of all my life. 

But having gone through all of my college years with only minor flings and certainly no boys to write home about (why are boys such idiots around this age??), I started to get a little worried.  In the years after college, I dated everyone.  Everyone.  I kept my hopes up that my person was out there still and eventually the timing would be right for us.  Most of the men I dated were nice guys, some of them even great guys who I had strong feelings for.  But I knew even during my best days with them that it was not love.  That didn't stop me from being devastated when things ended with some of them...and it certainly didn't stop me from being annoyed to jump back into the dating pool either. 

By my mid-20s, I started to wonder...What if I NEVER fall in love?  Or more specifically...How will I KNOW I'm in love?  Has anyone else wondered that? 

By the fall of 2010, something happened.  This boy who had been in and out of my life for years...who at one time I could almost picture my life with him....who had broken my heart many times...was trying to find a way back into my life.  I tread carefully...very carefully...through the fall.  It was filled with late night text messages, (second) first dates, and lots of answers to questions about our past and what went wrong.  By November, I knew things were different with this boy than they ever had been before, and even though I had feelings for him since the day I met him, I still worried about whether I would know if this was love.

Call me crazy, but I always thought falling in love would be fireworks and hot pink, and undeniable, and without a doubt...and I thought I would know the second it happened.  I think that's what we've been taught.

But by November of 2010, all I knew is that this guy made me really happy.  After agreeing that we would not be seeing anyone else but each other (a first for us in our 3 years), I immediately left for New York City on a girls trip in mid-November.  In one of the most amazing cities in the world, I longed for Lexington, KY and more time with him.  Funny how that happens.  When I turned on my phone after our plane landed on our return flight, I had a video from my was of him playing a Jason Mraz song that still resonates with me to this day.

It's funny how sometimes a song or a lyric can perfectly capture a feeling..."All I really wanna do is love you, a kind much closer than friends use...but I still can't say it after all we've been through..."  Maybe he was wondering the same thing as me.

I was only home for a week before I promptly left for Atlanta for Thanksgiving...another week apart.  I longed for home again, even surrounded by the people I love most in the world.  Maybe that was a small clue.  But I still wasn't sure.  I made the drive from Atlanta to Lexington in near record time after Thanksgiving and spent the next day with him, running errands and putting up my Christmas tree together...another first.

I helped him pick out Christmas gifts for his family and he begrudgingly watched Love Actually, and It's a Wonderful Life and The Holiday with me.  And he agreed to spend Christmas day with me at my parents' house...which in the land of relationships is a big freakin' deal.  With his job being the way it is, he had to work Christmas Eve and the day after Christmas, which meant we couldn't drive up together. 

We decided that he would drive up on Christmas Eve after spending some time with his Aunt and Uncle after work.  Unfortunately, mother nature was not cooperative with our plans and it snowed furiously that evening.  I sat with my family wondering what time he would leave his aunt and uncle's house, and if it would be early enough.  I worried about the weather and if he would change his mind about coming and I'll admit, I was already planning on yelling at him if he called to say he wasn't coming.  That night, the hour and 15 minute drive to my parents house took him over two hours.  I waited up for him long after the rest of my family had gone to sleep and greeted him when he arrived after 1:00am.

Later that morning, we opened presents, and he got to know my family (he had already met my parents) and take part in our holiday traditions.  Having him there felt right to me.  He later admitted that he had never been so scared driving before as he was driving through the winter storm that Christmas Eve to see me.  On Christmas night, we ate dinner and relaxed together and around 9:00, he said he had to drive back.  I watched him pack his things and begged him to stay the night (he had to work early the next morning), but he couldn't.  Even though I would be home in another day or two, I felt devastated that he had to head back so soon. 

After he left, he sent me a text message that said, "I think I'm crazy about you" and I cried. 

It wasn't fireworks, and time did not stop, but that was the moment I can trace back and vividly know that I was in love.  It didn't happen overnight or in that one moment.  It was a collection of things...going to a basketball game, eating dinner together, watching a movie, opening his poorly wrapped Christmas gifts, greeting him at the door on Christmas Eve and watching him introduce himself to my sister and brother-in-law for the first time in his pajamas. 

It's a bunch of silly moments like that which stick out in my head and remind me why I love this time of year more than ever...I get to relive our love story.  This year I am more thankful than ever though, because after 5 years of friendship, dating, not dating, being engaged, and now married...we will finally get to spend out first Thanksgiving together.  A long time overdue, don't you think?

Our second "first date" to a UK basketball game

Out for drinks with friends a few weeks before Christmas

At my grandparents' house on Christmas day

New Year's Eve

Do you have a holiday love story?  Did you struggle to realize what love was and recognize the difference? 

Monday, November 5, 2012

Halfway There

I am a week into my 14-day journey on the South Beach Phase 1 diet and I have mixed feelings at this point.  At 3 days in last week, I was pretty stoked to step on the scale and find myself down 1.5 lbs.  Then things got a little weird on both Thursday and Friday when I saw that I had gained weight both days.  Not cool.

Even less cool...when my husband stepped on the scale on Friday and he was down 5 lbs.  Kind of a dick move on his part.  Especially since his version of this diet apparently includes soft drinks.  You can imagine my feelings of wanting to slap the smile off his face after seeing his surprising weight loss.  That combined with the 2 hours I spent sitting on my front porch freezing my ass off on Wednesday night passing out candy to little kids....without alcohol I might add....has left me somewhat unsure of this whole diet thing.

On the one hand, I haven't really seen any weight loss (I'm only looking to shave off about 5 that so much to ask??), but I do feel like my body is appreciative of my conscious effort to put good things into it.  In the last week, I haven't felt hungry during the day or at night, and I haven't felt any remorse about anything I've eaten either.  Definitely a plus on both fronts.  I'm also realizing that what I am eating on SBD isn't altogether different than what I eat normally.  Which may explain my lack of tangible results. 

So what do I miss most?  Fruit.  Since sugar is a strict no-no during these 14 days, fruit is off limits because of all the natural sugars in it.  I'm a firm believer that Honeycrisp apples are a gift from the Baby Jesus himself around this time of year and I have not been able to enjoy my normal go-to fall snack the last 7 days.  I miss it.  Something else I easy breakfast.  Maybe I'm not creative enough, but I am having a hard time finding protein other than eggs to eat in the morning.  And eggs are something I actually have to cook.  And I HATE having to spend the extra time doing that in the morning.  My go to breakfast during the work week has been eggs scrambled with veggies (usually spinach or zucchini) and turkey bacon.  It's a bit harder to eat in my car on my way to work than toast or oatmeal, but I manage.  Sort of.

Other than that, it's pretty easy to stay on track.  I've always brought my lunch to work, and I've always packed healthy, so that's nothing new to me.  I've had to be a little more on top of things as far as meal-planning goes, but that's fine by me.  Planning meals into the second week has been a little tougher since I'm trying not to be repetitive, but it's actually helping me to branch out a little from my normal "go-to" meals.

Just to give you an idea, here is a breakdown of what I made for dinner last week:

Monday: Blackened Salmon w/ Roast veggies (squash, zucchini, sweet onion, bell pepper)
Tuesday: Chicken stuffed with sauteed spinach & goat cheese, side of seasoned green beans
Wednesday: Grilled chicken salad (husband had to work, and salad is my go-to meal when I'm cooking for 1)
Thursday: Taco salad with avocado & pico de gallo (I use ground turkey instead of ground beef and spicy taco seasoning for a kick)
Friday: Turkey sausage & sauerkraut
Saturday: Steaks on the grill and roasted veggies on the side

Truth be told, these are all recipes I've done many times...just with a more conscious effort to keep them as healthy as possible.  I'm no Martha Stewart, but I think I do okay and husband doesn't complain (only compliments from him!)

So, we'll see how the next 7 days turn out.  I have been keeping up with my running in combination with all of this (I really feel repulsive when I don't work out), and I do feel good.  No regrets so far, just a bit of disappointment that I haven't shed more (or any) weight thus far.  Depending on how I feel after day 14, I may keep the diet into effect until Thanksgiving just for good measure...that is if the bucket of leftover Halloween candy in our entry way stops taunting me.  I've not given in yet, but I'm worried some of those M&Ms might accidentally fall into my mouth if I'm not careful.  Moreover I'm worried my husband will wake up in the middle of the night to the sound of candy wrappers in the living room only to find me passed out with an empty Halloween bucket in my hand and a face covered in chocolate and shame.  I think he's legitimately worried about that too.

Monday, October 29, 2012

14 days

Folks, watch out.  As of today, I am officially on the South Beach Phase one diet.  For the next 14 days, I will be cleansing by body of all the junk that is making me feel like a busted can of biscuits every time I get dressed.

The truth is that in the last 4 months, I have somehow managed to gain 5-10 lbs, and I have NO idea how or where it came from.  I feel like I eat pretty healthy, and I work out/run about 6 days a week.  I have even cut out alcohol during the week over the last month or two, and I still can tell my clothes are fitting a little different.  I don't think my eating habits have changed since this summer and I know my workout habits haven't changed so I am not sure what gives. 

Pics of me from this summer...would not be caught dead in public in these outfits right now.

And no....I'm NOT pregnant!  I know that's what some of you were thinking.

Anyways, I'm pretty much over feeling disgusting, and I know my husband is over hearing me complain about it when he says he can't tell a difference.  Time to take action....and this is what I'm trying.

No, I have not read the South Beach Diet book.  No, I have not done the diet before, nor have I done the cleanse before.  So why do I think it will work?  Because I googled it and printed out a food list of stuff I can eat.  It seems pretty reasonable, and not altogether different from what I eat now.  Basically it is a no carb, no sugar fast.  I'm cool with that.  I hope. 

So, at the risk of being a heinous, carb-deprived bitch for the next 14 days, I am trying this out.  Please pray for my husband...he'll need it.  Especially with the buckets of Halloween candy I have to give out on Wednesday.  Maybe pray that I don't scream at any small children while they are trick-or-treating too.  And also pray that I don't turn into Penny from Happy Endings by the second week.

So there you have it...if I seem a little irritable on the blog or other social media in the next couple weeks...well, this is probably why.  I'll keep you fellow readers updated on how I'm feeling during the next 14 days and if I see any improvement.  And now I leave you with another funny Penny clip from Happy Endings and something I could totally see myself doing....Thank the little baby Jesus this show is back...

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The ugly side of horse racing

Source: via Taryn on Pinterest

One of the best things about living in Kentucky is, by far, getting to take part in the sport of horse racing.  No one does big hats, bourbon and betting better than folks in Kentucky.  It's a privilege to be among this sport, but it can also be devastating at the same time. 

This past weekend we spent a beautiful day at Keeneland tailgating by the fire pit and drinking bourbon and mimosas.  Since my in-laws were in town, we wanted to treat them to a day at the fall meet since it is a staple around Lexington and one of our favorite things to do this time of year. 

The day started off wonderfully...a little cold, but nothing a nice fire can't help with!  We grilled tri-tip steaks and ate and enjoyed the company of those we so rarely see.  After a couple hours of cornhole and tailgating, and watching the first 3 races from outside the track, husband and I decided to go in and place our bets for the next few races. 

While the rest of our gang stayed outside we made our bets for the 4th race based largely on the names of the horses and my intrinsic need to bet at least one long shot in each race.  We settled in to watch the races in the Mezzanine with my wine and husband with his bourbon (which he snuck in via his boot).  The boy picked the winner in the first race and tripled his first bet...a great start to the day!  I was disappointed to see that my horse, along with one other, did not even finish the race.

We thought nothing more of it and enjoyed the rest of our afternoon among the winners and losers at the race track.  Just before our last race, we finally met up with my brother who had decided to join in the fun of losing money.  He asked us if we had heard what happened after we left our tailgate....we had not heard a thing.

He began to tell us the story, in way to much detail, about an injured horse that had a significant affect on the members of our families.  We left after the next race and rejoined our parents at the tailgates, asking what had happened in their own words. 

I stood with my dad as he told me about the race they had watched right after we left the tailgate.  You see, we always pick a particular spot outside the track where you can stand and watch the horses go by right in front of you.  It's perfect because you can enjoy the beauty of the track without ever having to go inside.  Each time a race would get ready to run, everyone would move toward the fence to watch and cheer. 

But this time was different.  During the 4th race, 2 jockeys had been thrown from their horses....directly in front of my dad and my husband's parents.  One of the horse kept running, sans jockey, but the other horse was hurt....very, very hurt.

The medic van which follows right behind each race was out and tending to the jockeys instantly.  But the horse medics were nowhere to be found.  Our families stood in horror as they watched the remaining horse, confused, scared, and trying to stand on a leg that was no longer attached by any bone...only skin.  Time must have stood still while onlookers held their breaths in sick horror waiting for any sign of a medic for what was once a beautiful thoroughbred.  Without even thinking, my hero....jumped over the fence and onto the track to stop the horse from trying to move and to comfort him.  For minutes he stroked him and talked to him until, after what seemed like and eternity, the horse medic finally arrived.  They immediately gave the horse a shot and moved him into the van, without a word to my Dad who was there when they weren't.

I listened as my Dad told this story while I watched my husband comfort his mom as she cried and recounted it for him.  I felt sick.  Literally...sick.  Not only hearing the story of what they were going through while we were inside enjoying ourselves, but watching my dad (who in my 28 years, I have never seen shed a tear) break down and cry telling me about this horse that he comforted in what we have no doubt were some of the last moments of his life.  His injuries, without a doubt, would call for him to be euthanized. 

Even as I sit here and type, I am holding back tears thinking of the recounting of what happened and feeling both relief that I wasn't there to witness for myself and sickness over wishing I was so I could have done something, even just comfort my mother-in-law or my Dad as the events transpired.  All who witnessed it said they will never, ever forget that moment and what they saw. 

I could not be more proud of my dad for what he did for that horse.  I have no idea where the medics for the horse were or why they took so long, but my dad did not hesitate...he jumped over that fence and offered what little comfort he could provide for a beautiful animal which we so take for granted every time we watch them race. 

Source: via Erica on Pinterest

I left the track feeling very grateful for my dad and for my sweet animals at home who provide us with not only companionship, but also a huge dose of joy on a daily basis. 


Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Do you ever feel like you are in a total funk?  Like everything is just so....blah?  I am definitely in Funkytown right now.  Blog Funkytown.  Over the past few weeks I feel like I haven't had much to say or even the time to say it. 

Sometimes I don't know what to make of my little blog.  I want it to be fun and original, but sometimes my brain turns into a runny egg, and when that happens, I just can't find the ideas or the words to "create".  What then?  I want to blog more frequently, but I put so much time and energy into each post that if I don't think I can write it the way I want it, then is it even worth it?  I don't know.  Does any of that make sense?  Does anyone else feel this way??

Of course, I am so grateful for each of my wonderful followers, especially the people who have been reading from the beginning.  It's a wonderful thing having people on this journey with me.  But....sometimes I write things and I feel like once I hit "publish" these words go out into the black abyss and I'm not sure they mean anything or if they have even been read.  Is that silly?  Does anyone ever have that feeling like you're living in a TV that's always on and you want to walk up to the screen and say "Knock, knock...anybody home??"  Maybe it's just me.

I've also been trying to sort through whether or not to work on actively growing my blog.  I struggle with this because I have thought about sponsoring other blogs before but felt that it wouldn't be fair if I couldn't devote my time to really working on my blog.  Now that my wedding is over, my time has freed up quite a bit, but I still have the problem of this crappy little computer I work on.  I mean, uploading pictures on this thing is a total joke.  It's very time consuming.  And I am equally impatient.  Like, get mad and throw my computer impatient.  It hasn't happened yet, I sometimes I can visualize myself doing it.  Like right now...

I honestly don't know why I'm sharing all of this with you...maybe in hopes that one of my fellow bloggers "gets it".  I am also curious for you loyal, wonderful readers...what kind of posts do you enjoy reading most?  What do you want to know about me/my life??  What makes you laugh?  How do you maintain your originality when you are creating your posts?  Have you made the decision to sponsor other blogs...was it worth it? 

Have you ever been to Funkytown?

P.S...This inspires me...

Friday, October 5, 2012

It's Friday!!!

Because it's Friday.....

I can honestly say it has been a crazy, busy week and I am exhausted.  The good news is that I have been so busy that the week flew by and it is now time (well, in a few hours) for a bitch to get drunk!

Since I have been pretty adamantly sticking to my new rule of no drinking during the work week, I have started a new routine of driving straight to the liquor store on my way home from work, with my mouth practically watering.  I may have also been known to fill up a glass of white wine with ice cubes because after 4 days without the juice, I am too iimpatient to chill my wine.  Because I'm super classy like that. 

Along with a crazy week with lots to do and a lot of windshield time (I'm in sales after-all), this week was particularly stressful because someone brought several boxes of donuts into our office yesterday.  Who would do that to me?  Talk about inconsiderate.  Fortunately for me, we don't work in a high rise building.

To top it off, several fun-sized bags of M&Ms and snickers found their way into our office kitchen today and will soon find their way into my mouth.  Thanks for that.  Nothing "fun-sized" about my weakness for chocolate or my ass. 

Anywho, hope everyone has a fabulous weekend! 

Life, Love and the Pursuit of Chocolate

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