Wednesday, November 14, 2012

What I'm Loving Today

Good morning readers!  I'm just sitting here tonight smelling yummy smells in my house and watching Taylor Swift Storytellers on DVR and waiting for my husband to get home, and I am smiling because I am blessed.  What a great day for a link up for WILW, don't you think?

To begin, I am loving that Thanksgiving is in 8 days.  My aunts and uncles and cousins and my sweet nephews will all be in one place, and that is my favorite thing on earth.  It doesn't happen often.  Plus, this is the first Thanksgiving I will get to spend with my man, so that's a double bonus.  Here's a look at Thanksgivings past and our "girls photo"...





Secondly, I am loving that I got to have brunch with two of my best friends on Sunday.  I hate when life gets in the way of making time for those we love.  That's the big huge bummer about getting older (that and all the bills...I hate those).  I love being able to catch up and just do a pulse check to make sure we are all still alive.  Sorry no pics from brunch...sometimes it's just not the time and place :-)

I am loving kind of sort of figuring out what I am getting everyone for Christmas!  I have been making a list for about a month, and figuring out what to get everyone is frankly the hardest part.  I really feel like I've got a jump on the game this year!  Cross your fingers that I will be halfway done by the end of November (that's my goal).

Also loving that my Pottery Barn stockings came in yesterday and they match our living room and decor perfectly.  I can't wait to hang them and decorate!

I'm loving that I get to kiss all over these guys in just over a week.  They melt my heart.

I'm loving that after a year of living together, my dogs within the last month have become total cuddle buddies.  Although, I find this completely bizarre that for  11 months they slept on their own dog beds and now they just sleep on the one....

Lastly...and this is the best one...I am LOVING that my husband starts a new job on Monday. It's very gratifying to see him so happy and excited about new opportunities that have come his way. More importantly, I am excited that for the first time in our relationship, we will have the same work schedule. Huge bonus. I just like hanging out with him... :-)

Happy Wednesday Y'all!


Rachel said...

Yay for the new job! That exciting!
I'm excited about Thanksgiving too!

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