Monday, February 27, 2012

A Case of the Mondays

Per my usual, I have been missing in action for the majority of the month.  Sorry I am really out of excuses for that.  The past few weekends have been jam-packed with things, and this past weekend was no different.  K and I drove 2 hours to the Ikea in West Chester, Ohio on Saturday to look for wedding stuff for our tables (it really is the way to go...). 

True story: the last time the boy allowed me to drag him to Ikea was a year ago right as I was getting over the flu.  The 45 minutes we spent walking the showroom was the most physical activity I had gotten in over a week and it was quite exhausting.  I bought a dresser, 2 standing shelves, and a shelving unit for the bathroom.  By the time we got it home, I was too tired to help him put it together.  Fortunately, K was all too happy to put together my 5 drawer dresser with nothing more than an allen wrench, while I layed down on my bed and alternated between "resting" and reminding him that Ikea was a Swedish-based company every time he said "Damn the Japanese!"  After that, K put a one year ban on any future trips to Ikea.

Anyways, the Ikea ban was lifted just in time for us to pick up several items for our reception tables so we could put together everything and decide what we liked.  I also picked up a new rug for our living room from the Ballard Design outlet that was 5 minutes away....seriously love everything in that store.  We made it home unscathed and without any furniture to assemble, so after a brief 20 minute nap we took showers and went out for a much needed date night to Table Three Ten.

Sunday was another busy day for us being that it was the Trashcar kick-off (for the boy) and the Academy Awards (for me).  After breakfast and a great 3-mile run in beautiful weather, K and I headed to Joseph A. Banks to look for suits for the wedding party.  Sadly, the Daytona 500 was postponed due to rain and we got an extra 4 hours of our lives back, just in time for me to enjoy a Mimosa at Harry's and take the boy with me to go grocery shopping for the week.  It will probably be the last time we hang out for a while since I am seriously thinking of dumping him until the Nascar season is over.  I seriously cannot handle that crap. 

So that was our big weekend, and now it's Monday, so excuse me while I go bang my head against my desk.  In the meantime, here are some funnies for you to enjoy.... - I'll do a lot of things for money, but I draw the line at working - I snuck a bunch of booze into work today using my stomach. - The mountain of paperwork on my desk makes me envy the trees that died to produce it.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Me and my blog

Mornin' world!  For a change of pace this morning, I am linking up with Neely at A Complete Waste of Make-Up for a 'lil "getting to know you" post. 

When I started this little blog of mine, it never really occurred to me to "introduce" myself seeing as most of the people reading it were family members and that boy I live with, but as it's grown (not by much, but grown nonetheless), I thought this link up might be a great time to share a little about myself and why I blog. 

1. Why do I blog??
Source: via Erica on Pinterest

I started this blog for a lot of reasons.  First and foremost, I like to write....I always have.  When I was younger and I got asked "What do you want to be when you grow up?" I always envisioned myself working for a cool magazine and being some fabulous Carrie-Bradshaw-esque columnist.  When I went to college, I started out as a journalism major, but quickly realized they didn't offer any classes on writing about your butt jiggle or your obsession with chocolate or your assertion that you may be dating a lab puppy.  So, after a few semesters, I changed my major and bid adieu to my career in writing. 

That's one reason I blog.  And if I am being's a very very small reason.  The main reason is that I have the most random thoughts.  I guess I must have this inner monologue that continuously spews random thoughts, ideas, and sarcasm.  I needed an outlet for that.  And mostly I wanted to see if anyone else in the world was as strange as I am and figured blogging was a great way to find out.

2. What is my blog about??

Nothing.  True story.  My blog is the "Seinfeld"of blogs.  It's not really about anything.  I have no fashion tips or make-up tutorials, and I don't live anywhere remotely interesting that would allow me to post things like "Taryn's adventures in the big city!".  I simply write about my life and the people in it, and what I'm up to, and occasionally throw a picture in of my dog taking a nap. 

3. So, who the heck am I?

I'm Taryn.  I mean, that's my name anyways.  I'm in my late-ish 20's, and I live in Lexington, KY (well, Nicholasville, KY but let's not get technical okay?) with my fiance and our dogs.  I have a job as an outside sales rep...that involves meeting with people and selling them things so I can, in turn, bring money home and buy things.  If you couldn't tell....I don't blog about work.  This blog is not about my professional life (other than my career as a future model).  I have two sisters and a brother, and parents too.  I also have 2 nephews that pretty much melt my heart. 

I am dry and sarcastic and a lot of my blogs are satirical in nature.  That's just me.  I am fiercely close with my family, and despite the ridiculous things I post about the boy I'm supposed to marry, I love him more than anything (and I have a sneaky suspicion he loves me too).  I moved in with my fiance in October and have been spending most of my free time (when I'm not working) going through boxes of my fiance's nonsense and trying to explain to him why we don't have room in our very (very) modest sized home for more than one moving box full of old printer cords, his 2010 "papers" including every utility bill and receipt from the year, and a framed picture of his high school football team. 

4.  What are my hobbies?

Truth be told I don't have a lot of hobbies that have survived into my adult life.  The only "hobby" I make time for on a daily basis is the gym.  I use the term "hobby" loosely in that situation because although I do not enjoy working out, I really can't stand not doing it.  I mentioned in my last post about how much I love to read, but sadly even that has taken a backseat to exhaustion most days.  I guess blogging would be my only real hobby that I really try to keep at...well, sort of.  I must admit that my blog has taken a backseat to wedding stuff lately.  And let's be clear - wedding planning is NOT a hobby.  It's a chore.  I promise you that.  Don't get me wrong, I am ecstatic to marry my guy, but if I had it my way, I would love to just fast forward to the wedding (without me having to plan it), and our married life together.  I long for the days when I could sit on the couch at night and not feel obligated to do something wedding-related or guilty because I wasn't doing something wedding-related. 

5.  What's my favorite thing to blog about?

I could probably dedicate an entire blog to the ridiculous and puzzling conversations that happen between me and the boy.  Here's a topic of conversation that comes up frequently...I call it The Great Underwear Debate.  I am curious if anyone else has had a similar conversation with their boyfriend/fiance/husband?

While getting ready for "date night" one night...
K: Are those the underwear you're going to wear?
Me: Yeah...why, what's wrong with them?
K: Nothing.  I was just curious.
Me:  Seriously?  These are cute underwear...
K: I didn't say anything...
Me:  You don't like them?
K: They're fine...
Me: What's wrong with them?
K:  They're granny panties.
Me: No they're not!  These are cute underwear!  And they're really comfy!  My grandmother would not wear these...
K:  Let me explain something to you....guys only break underwear down into 2 categories: "Granny panties" and "I'm gonna get some panties".
Me: That's stupid.  There are way more than 2 categories.  There's your cute everyday underwear, your thong underwear, your kinda sexy underwear, your super sexy underwear, and your I'm feeling fat underwear. 
K: And what are those that you have on?
Me: My cute everyday underwear.  Let's be honest...we're having dinner at the Copper River in Nicholasville...i don't think that calls for lace. 

Oh, and to be clear, these cute Vicky's Secret undies are my "cute everyday underwear":

Am I way off base here?

See....these are the things I need the blog world let me know when I'm crazy, or to reassure me that I'm marrying a weirdo. 

Anywho...I hope you non-family member blog readers of mine enjoyed learning a little more about me, and for those of you who may be stopping by, I'm glad to have you!  Feel free to stay a while and make yourself at home!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

And now I can return to my real life...

I did something stupid last week.  On top of work, planning a wedding, trying to finish our wedding website, and attempting to run these 10 lbs off at the gym, I added one more thing to my plate.  Before I go any further, let me attempt to explain....

I really, really like to read.  Yes, I am a nerd like that.  I took A.P. English in high school.  I minored in English in college.  I used to get excited when I went to Kennedy's at the beginning of the semester and I got to see what the required reading was for my literature courses.  I finished all 4 books in the "Twilight" series in 6 days.  If you hadn't already caught on by my previous posts what a colossal dork I am...let this one set the record straight.  Me = Nerdy bookworm.

So now you kind of know why it was a pretty severely stupid move, on top of everything I have going on in life, for me to start reading "The Hunger Games".  Yeah, I did it.  But let me take you one step further to really drive home the whole I'm-a-dork thing....I was actually planning to reward myself for finishing all of my stuff in my real life by allowing myself to read the books.  Well, silly me just couldn't wait, and last Thursday night, I downloaded the first book in the series on my Kindle and went to town.  I finished it on Friday at midnight, just in time to settle in for some pretty freakin' strange dreams...pretty sure I even had to wake the boy up and have him rub my head to "soothe" me to sleep because the book had me so on edge. 

Saturday I took my car in to Ken Towery's to get the brakes checked and some new tires, and I actually didn't mind sitting in the waiting room for 2 hours because I had just started "Catching Fire" (the 2nd book in the series).  I was actually starting to get annoyed when they came back to update me on the status of my car every half hour - they were interrupting my reading for heaven's sake!  By the time the the guy came back to tell me I was good to go, the waiting area was cleared out and I was so engrossed in my book that I not only jumped in my chair when he said my name, I nearly ducked behind my chair and threw a dagger at him....pretty sure that's what Katniss would have done. 

Saturday night I took a 3 hour break from Panem and the Cloak arena to meet Hilary and Hillary out at Painting with a Twist for a fun little co-worker gals night involving one too many cookies, half a bottle of Chardonnay, and my wicked art skills.  The whimsical evening of painting was short lived though, because I quickly returned home, put my sweatpants back on and devoured the better part of book two.  For those who have not read the books, I cannot really explain how on edge the make you (or at least me) feel.  It's like watching a suspense movie, except you're reading it, not watching it.  Those who have read the know what I'm talking about.

A brief break from reading - at Painting with a Twist!

Saturday marked night 3 of my bizarre dreams which I have no doubt involved scaling trees, fending off wild mutated dogs, and running from waves of blood and poisonous gas, considering I woke up Sunday morning in the fetal position clutching my BlackBerry in my hands like it was a spear.  I even broke down and started "Mockingjay" (book 3) during the second half of the Superbowl.  Thankfully, I finally finished the series yesterday, just as I was contemplating google-ing the price of a good bow and arrow and searching for great recipes made with roots, berries, and squirrel meat.  I kid you not...I finished all 3 books in 4.5 days, and it could not have happened sooner. 

After seriously neglecting sleep in order to finish "just one more chapter" and requesting nightly face massages to calm my was time to put the books away and return to my real life.  My real boring life.  That doesn't involve fighting to the death.  And hunting President Snow.  And where my name is Taryn.  Not Katniss.

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