Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Pinterest - Wedding Dress Edition

Whew....I don't know about any of you, but dang, I'm glad it's almost Thursday (thank the sweet baby Jesus for personal days and 4-day weekends).  This week has been cray-cray, both in good and bad ways, but after tomorrow, I am off to Atlanta to begin my wedding dress adventure with my sisters, mom, aunt, and some other fabulous ladies.  I don't know what I'm more excited about though...the shopping or rubbing my sister's big preggo belly (side note: is it weird that I've been secretly picturing her as a care-bear and hoping that when I rub her belly it will glow or something??).  Okay, my strange mind aside, today I am once again linking up with Michelle at The Vintage Apple for OHPW....ya digg?


This week, since I have dresses on the brain....that is my theme.  Surprisingly enough, I have not been obsessing about this detail regarding the wedding.  Though, I don't know exactly what I want, I know what I don't, I figure I'll just avoid the things I dislike and I am sure to find something great. 

So, not really my personal style, but this one is totally gorgey, right??

Another unexpectedly pretty option....though I feel confident that since the scale ain't readin' 97 lbs, this isn't really an option for me unless I plan on being 6 months preggo for my nuptuals (which I don't)....

Sexy...gorgeous....and most likely out of my budget.....

Sweet.  Southern.  Adorable. But is it me???
Source: None via Heather on Pinterest

Simple and stunning.  Love.

I love everything about this.

Source: None via Taryn on Pinterest

Ummmm.....I die for a backless dress....seriously...

So now I must know...what do my fab followers think?  Do you love any of these dresses?  Did you get your dream dress at your wedding, or if you're not married, what do you love in a wedding dress?  Help needed!!

Friday, August 26, 2011

My Friday Night

It's Friday.  You can't see, but I've just peed my pants.  Okay, that's a lie...I didn't really pee my pants, but seriously, I am soooooo happy it's Friday.  Why?  Because I have HUGE plans this weekend.  Psyche (yeah, I did just go there...welcome to 1994).  That was another lie....I do not have huge plans this weekend.  Unless you consider drinking copious amounts of wine with my best gals huge plans.  If you do, then I edit my previous statement...I do have big plans.  Thoroughly confused yet?  Okay, good.

So, why am I so happy it's Friday?  Well, here's why....

Ummm, duh!  Wine is practically the only thing that gets me through the work week...and don't judge me for getting the big bottle...the guy at Kroger Wine & Spirits already does that.

A yummy scented candle....can't wait to burn all my summer candles so I can break out all the fall scents!

Light dinner...cheese and Gala apple :-)

Maybe a little nail paintin'??  So many colors, so little time...
On a side note...I can't decide if the amount of nail polish I own (this is most definitely NOT all of it) is awesome or sad...

I say awesome...

A little magazine to keep me company....

....and a 'lil Say Yes to the Dress Atlanta....
...and just in case you were wondering, I will be in Atlanta dress shopping next weekend!  While I'm not planning to be on the show, I'm still hoping I'll find a dress to say "yes" to....

So, yeah, there you have Friday night plans.  I may not be streaking in the park, skinny dipping in the dark, or having a menage a trois, but I think I'm having a Friday even Katy Perry would envy...

T.G.I.Fibromyalgia, dear readers....what are YOUR plans this Friday night????

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Tryin' to make it work, but man these times are hard...

I'm in a funk.  Have you ever felt like you had a rain cloud following you everywhere?  That's me this week.  I'm stressed and overwhelmed with work and life.  Do you ever feel like that?  What do you do to make yourself feel better when times are hard?  What's your go-to comfort item/food/activity??

Since it's Wednesday and the only things I can think to write about are selfish or depressing, I figure it's a good day to link up with Michelle at The Vintage Apple for "Oh, How Pinteresting Wednesday."


Today's theme...well, I think that goes without saying....

Source: via Lisa on Pinterest



Happy hump day :-)

Friday, August 19, 2011

Refridgerator Art

This post is totally random. 

I'm sitting here at the bar in my kitchen, playing on my computer and I look up at my fridge.  Secretly I'm wondering, Is there anything sweet in there?  Might I have left some ice cream or chocolate in the freezer??? ....but something catches my eye instead.  It's the picture my nephew drew for K.  I stare at it for a long time and I feel myself just smile bigger and bigger the longer I look at it.  Finally, I get up and walk to my fridge and just really start to look at each and everything thing on it....

....I feel happy.  Not just because it's Friday and there's red wine here, but because I refridgerator is full of love.  I'll be the first to admit that I am a packrat....I save cards and invitations and sweet notes and really random stuff.  Most of it ends up on my fridge at one point or another, and when newer things replace them, they go right in the drawer next to my fridge, not in the garbage.  I walk to this thing countless times a day and very rarely stop to notice the decorations that I have hung on it.  WHY???

Thinking on it now, I wonder why I don't take a moment daily to be thankful for the things and the people in the pictures on it.  Some are family, some are friends, some are acquaintences, and some are people who have moved out of my life completely.  At this moment, there are Christmas cards, birth announcements, wedding invitations, pet photos, family photos, photos of the boy, photos of friends, and maybe a coupon for Papa John's pizza (lol)....see for yourself!

What's on your fridge????

One of the girls...

I come from a long line of strong, loud, funny, and wild women.  It's true.  Out of sheer boredom (oh, did you not know I'm a loser with no life? ...well now you do) I was clicking through facebook pictures tonight and just laughing to myself at all the amazing times I've had with the women in my family. 

It's sort of a running theme 'round these here parts that the men who marry the women in my family are "saints".  I guess in a way it's true.  While most humans are made of like, 98% water, the women in my family are typically found to be 2% water, 50% sarcasm, and 48% wine.  It's just the way it is.  We are opinionated, always right (even when we are wrong, we're still right), bossy, and at times, downright mean.  But the truth of the matter is....we are pretty fun to be around too.  I bet if you asked any of the men who put up with us, and roll their eyes, and shake their heads, and throw their hands in the air at us on a daily basis...they would all say that every moment is 100% worth it. 

So, anyways, back to me and my random trip down facebook memory is a look at some of the women in my family...the good, the bad, the blonde, and the ridiculous:

Thanksgiving 2010...lil sis, me, big sis, mom

Christmas 2010...apparently we had an overwhelming need to "pose" in our Christmas pajamas...

...and speaking of "posing" posing like a manequin in a window display in NYC...

big sis, Brynn, "warming up" outside of Radio City Music Hall in NYC for her performance with the Rockettes.

Love is all you need....NYC girls trip November 2010...big sis, aunt P, mom, aunt K, and me

Brynn and me with Aunt P before dinner!

Thanksgiving 2009 in Atlanta...cousin Becca, aunt K, lil sis, me, mom, big sis, grandma kissing aunt P...clearly....

Thanksgiving "girls shot" 2008 :-)

Christmastime 2010...this is just one in a series of "America's Next Top Model" poses...

Ummm....there's very little I can say about this except....this is what happens when the boys are in the basement, and the girls are left alone with several bottles of wine and a rousing game of cards....

mom and dad's housewarming October 2007....good times...

Aren't the women in my family adorbs??  Yeah, I think so too.  Oh, and in case you weren't aware, the little sis just turned 16... yep...I am officially feeling old as well as fearful for my life and anyone else on the roadways in KY.  Watch out! 

Anyways, as you can clearly see, we are a rare breed.  As ridiculous and every-changing as we are, two things remain constant...the more wine we drink, the louder and more high-pitched our voices get, and there's never a dull moment when you're with one of the gals in mi familia.

Happy Friday Chocolate Lovers!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Autumn Interests & Pinterests

I am so over summer. 

The last few days around here have been very mild and the nights have been cool.  I love it.  I went on a run the other day, and it smelled like someone was burning leaves.  I nearly ran home and put on a pair of riding boots and a warm print scarf.

I love fall.  It is by far my favorite season...and I dare anyone to tell me it isn't the prettiest season too.  There is nothing I don't find wonderful about fall.  From the fashion, to the raking of leaves, this gal is ready. R-E-A-D-Y.  Bring on the crisp and cool and the smell of warm vanilla and bonfires. 

In the spirit of the upcoming season, I thought I'd join up with some other lovely bloggers for "Oh How Pinteresting Wednesday"...won't you join me??


For starters, is there anything better than fall fashion?  I am the queen of the cardigan sweater and scarves.  They are worn year round, no matter the season. 

I die for fall fashion, but I also die for the scenery too.  I love nothing more than watching the leaves change.  When it's beautiful outside and not so humid your makeup is melting off your face, suddenly taking the dog for a walk doesn't seem like as much of a chore, and that long drive down Paris Pike isn't quite a haul....

Source: via Taryn on Pinterest

Source: via Taryn on Pinterest

Source: via Taryn on Pinterest

Source: via Taryn on Pinterest

And seriously, can we talk about the sweet indulgences of fall....

Source: None via Taryn on Pinterest

Source: via Taryn on Pinterest

And of course, most importantly, we must not forget the reason for the season....that's right my friends....fall means FOOTBALL and TAILGATING! 

Source: None via Jessica on Pinterest

Happy Wednesday, and happy fall blog friends!!

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