Thursday, February 14, 2013

How well does he know me?

Happy Valentine's day lovebirds!  I'm participating in a fun 'lil link-up today with The Life of a Not so Ordinary Wife to find out how well my husband knows me.  I always find these sorts of things very interesting because not only do they tell you a lot about a person, but it's fun to see how your significant other percieves you, especially when they get the answers wrong.  Way wrong.  So without further ado, here is our Q&A!

How long have you been married/together?
His answer: Married 7 months, together 3 years and 4 months
My answer: Dated on/off 4 years, married 7 months
Well, we both got the "married" part right, but not sure about the together timeline on his part...

Where was your first date?
His Answer: Movie Night Batman/then Oscar's
My answer: First date by ourselves - Max & Ermas.  First time we hung out though was in a group at a Karaoke bar.
Wow...he was way wrong here...way wrong.  Though we did watch Batman at some point that summer and frequented Oscars quite a bit....

Where was your first kiss?
His Answer: In her apartment.
My answer: In my bedroom at my apartment - June 2008.
So he got one vaguely

Who first said “I love you”?
His answer: She did.
My answer: Me.  But it should have been him.
I promised myself I wouldn't say it first...but I had been wanting so say it for so long, that I blurted it out. 

What were your wedding colors?
His answer: Cream and Light Blue
My Answer: Periwinkle Blue, Cream, and Champagne color
Close enough... 

What is her most commonly used phrase? 
His answer: "F*ck"
My Answer: "No"
He's right...

Who is her Celebrity Crush?
His Answer: Ryan Gosling
My Answer: Too many to choose! Ryan Gosling, Jake Gylenhaal, Bradley Cooper, etc.
Yep...and FYI, my husband has a "man-crush" on Ryan Reynolds.  Lol.

If she was ordering drinks for both of you, what would you each get?
His answer: Red or white wine depending on her mood/food, bourbon for me.
My answer: Woodford on the Rocks for him, wine for me.
When it comes to alcohol, we definitely know eachother....

What’s the best meal she’s ever made for you?
His answer: Steak with roasted peppers and goat cheese
My answer: Enchiladas
I could probably put goat cheese on anything and he would love it.

What’s the worst meal she’s ever made for you?
His answer: A salmon that she bought from Kroger.
My answer: Dried out chicken or Salmon with the Kroger seasoning
I tried the thing where they season the salmon for you for free at Kroger and put it in a baking bag...not good, however, husband ate all of it, including what I didn't finish of mine.  Boys...

What is the most played song on her iPod?
His Answer: Notorious B.I.G
My Answer: I think he will say Taylor Swift, which will be untrue.  Probably Jay Z or Notorious B.I.G. songs I listen to when I run.
Wow, I'm surprised he got this one right!

What would she say is your most annoying habit?
His answer: leaving hairs in the bathtub or food in the sink.
My answer: Sitting quietly with me on the couch and then deciding to talk my ear off the moment I pick up a book or try to work on a blog post.
Yes to both his answers...annoying and disgusting!

What is the last thing she does before she goes to bed?
His answer: Asks me to rub her head. 
 My answer: Read/Kiss him goodnight
Depending on the evening, all these answers are right! 

If you could throw out one item of her clothing, what would it be?
His answer: some of her old underwear. 
Her answer: My leggings 
Apparently my comfortable cotton underwear aren't sexy enough for my husband...tough shit! 

What is her go-to drink at Starbucks?
His answer: N/A 
 Her answer: Not a big Starbucks girl because I like plain old coffee and theirs is terrible, but when I do, a skinny vanilla latte with no whip. 
N/A would be correct as well...

What is her Blog's name? 
His answer: 
My answer: Life, Love & the Pursuit of Chocolate
There are so many levels of wrong to this answer...that's not even the correct URL!

So I guess on paper we don't seem to know eachother quite as well as we think.  Good thing we love each other a lot!  Happy Valentine's Day to my sexy man and all my readers as well!

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