Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Sissy's 30th Birthday Gift

This past Saturday, my sister had the misfortune of turning 30.  Not only was this a terrifying event for her, but it was a stark reminder that I will be following in her footsteps in approximately 13 months.  Excuse me while I go get Botox now.

While we spent the better part of Saturday mourning the loss of Brynn's 20s, we kicked off the evening by drinking some vino and opening presents.  Before I get into the details of the evening (that will be a separate post), I figured I would give you some details on the fun gift idea I did to celebrate her 30th.

I struggled with figuring out what the "right" gift was since it is kind of a big-deal birthday, and I am a big believer in celebrating birthdays (I mean, what other day of the year is it all about you??).  I found an awesome gift idea from this blog and tried to tweak it to make it perfect for my sister.

I included a card with my gift that read something to the effect of "Now that you're 30...and a mom, you may be wondering where all the years went!  Here is a little emergency kit for when you need to feel young!"

Along with the card was a gift basket filled with individual gifts to make sis feel like a kid (sort of).

I got a black wicker basket she can re-use along with wrapping and gift tags at Hobby Lobby.

Play at Bath time!  In this box I included a bunch of Bath Bombs from Lush, and a loofah & rubber duckie from Bath & Body Works.

Play Dress Up!  I got her a beautiful necklace from Banana Republic (that I really wanted for myself!).

Have a Slumber Party!  This box had a super cute PJ set from Vicky's Secret :-)

Give Yourself a Makeover! I included a bottle of OPI nail polish, a new lip gloss from Bobbi Brown, and a new cream eye shadow stick also from Bobbi Brown.

When all else fails, have a glass of wine!  Duh - I included a bottle of Conundrum, one of sissy's faves.

I have to admit, it was sort of fun trying to think of things to include and in the end I think it turned out perfect.  Plus, it would be a great gift for a range of budgets since you can scale up or scale back however you like.  Plus, who doesn't want to feel young every now and then!


Brooke said...

Sounds like great gift ideas! Love the wrap too!



Rachel said...

What a CUTE gift basket! I love this idea!!

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what a cute gift.I really like this.I will give this gifts to my friends.

Krishi Patel said...

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Anonymous said...

How much would this all cost?

Anonymous said...

Is this quick and easy if a birthday was like in a couple of days and needed a birthday gift quickly.

Anonymous said...

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