Thursday, August 11, 2011

I need an intervention!

Okay folks, time for an intervention.  Like, for serious. 

First off, I know you're probably all thinking that I need an intervention for being a bad blogger.  No arguments there.  I feel like I haven't had five minutes to myself the last week to sit and read any blogs, let alone write any coherent thoughts.  Sorry.  I'll do better....I think....I hope.  I really hope.

Bad blogging aside, I fully expect to come home anytime to an intervention banner for any of the following reasons:


Skittles!  Why are they so good?  Yet sooooo bad?!?!  The boy's original proposal idea involved skittles which means that we had 2 jumbo size bags at my house just begging me to eat them until I overdose on the rainbow.  No seriously, I'm pretty sure I hear them talking to me from the cabinet they are know, that little whisper, "Taste the rainbow, Taryn.  You know you want to."  And I do want to.  And I have tasted the rainbow and tasted it some more....and guess what: The rainbow is making me fat.  And it's giving me cavities, I'm sure.  The first bag is gone.  The second one will be soon enough.  The boy tried to help by hiding them.  It nearly ended our engagement.  I may be beyond help.


(Please don't judge me too harshly for this one...)

This is what my toenails look like right now.  I need a pedicure intervention.  I realize that it is summer and the fact that I have continued to wear sandals with my tootsies looking like this is nothing short of repulsive.  I literally have not had time.  I know...feel free to take away my "girl card" for this one.  I deserve it.  Or you can stage an intervention for me and send me a gift card to any number of credible lexington salons where I can rectify my toe skank.  And yes....that is a missing toe-nail on my right foot.  It happens about once a year from running.  Say it with me now...."Cry for help". 


I swear my life feels like a Cathy comic strip right now.  I feel stress about everything, especially making the "big" wedding decisions...venue, caterer, dress, honeymoon, rentals, bridesmaid dresses, etc.  The decorations and details will come later.  Right now I do not care about that.  I cannot tell you how not fun the whole looking for a venue thing was...there were no dates available anywhere it seems.  Ugh!  Now that we have that figured out, the dress is next up on the list...too bad me, my mom, and my sister cannot find a coordinating weekend in any of our schedules to dress shop for almost 2 months!  I'm not a particularly sappy or sentimental person, but dress shopping with them is one thing I don't want to forgo.  They know my style better than anyone, and I don't want to make the decision alone.  I am a very decisive person, so I know I won't have trouble making the decisions once I see my options, but who has the time to see the options???!!!  Not this girl.  Not at all.  I'm worried this may be me pretty soon:

Ugh...let's just call Gabe at the Steak Pit.

So, all things considered, I suppose my life can be summed up pretty easily: bad blogger, skittles, skittles, skittles, need a pedicure, no time for anything, Gabe at the Steak Pit. 

I promise I'll return to normal soon.  Maybe. 

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KBroaddus said...

I have your same skittle feeling but for m&ms. I don't care if they are regular, peanut, pretzel, peanut butter, etc. If they are in front of me, I will eat them. And don't worry about the wedding planning - I would stress out at first but everything does come together. What venue did you pick?

Anonymous said...

I am recently engaged too--I think we may have been proposed to on the same day! Anyway, it is refreshing to read about someone else who feels consumed (and maybe a little crazy)by the beginning stages of wedding planning. I look forward to seeing and reading about all the details as the big day gets closer! :)

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