Thursday, July 28, 2011

Great Expectations

Something big is happening this weekend.  Like, majorly BIG.  That boy that hangs around all the time (you know, the one I'm always talking about who likes to kiss on me and steal my chocolate...) is off work.  All weekend.  I don't know how it happened, but I'm not asking questions, I'm just going to enjoy it. 

Upon finding out this little tidbit of information, the boy and me started brainstorming what we wanted to do.  This is typical for us most weekends because since we have such random schedules (well, his schedule is random, not mine) we have to plan out not only date nights, but chores, errands, and household projects well in advance.  (You think I'm kidding but I'm not...pretty sure I had the invite for the trip to Lowe's on Monday on our joint calendar, along with something to the effect of "Try to buy a king bed" and "church" on the calendar tentatively for this weekend).  We live and die by the calendar. 

Anyway, tangent aside, we had to figure out what we wanted to do this weekend, and after tossing out ideas of a weekend in Nashville and a trip to Louisville for a stay at 21C, we remembered "Oh yeah, we're NOT rich" and opted for a quiet weekend in Lexington.  But hey, I'm not complaining.  So clearly, the thought of a whole weekend together was too much for me to handle, and I immediately began making plans for what we could do.  With endless possibility, my mental plans went a little like this:

Friday Night:
Dinner and a movie at the house and snuggling with our furry animals...

I envision dinner outside next to the lake (that will clearly appear in my backyard magically just in honor of this rare weekend we are off together), followed by movies on the back dream patio that will also no doubt appear magically solely for our weekend enjoyment...

....and of course we will no doubt be watching some perfect "date night" romance movies...


Our Saturday would begin with a trip to the farmer's market downtown where we would enjoy a few blissful hours before the humidity gets out of control.  I have been wanting to go to the farmers market soooo much, but sadly have not due to the fact that waking up at 7:30 on a Saturday morning to drive across town and buy vegetables and eat cannolis by myself seemed too pathetic for a party of one.  Ha! 

Source: None via Taryn on Pinterest

Farmers market trip would be followed up with a picnic in the park where we would no doubt be transformed into super-models....and K would serenade me while I read my latest novel on my Kindle...

I also believe a Saturday afternoon nap would be in order before we undoubtedly enjoy a fancy dinner out followed by dancing late into the night...

Source: via Taryn on Pinterest

Ummm......okay so maybe I have gotten a little carried away here....back to reality.... 

After we discussed it, the boy was all, "Hey why don't I make dinner for you?" and I was all, "But you'll burn the kitchen down.." and then he was like, "Nuh-uh!" I thought, "Will there be wine?" and then clearly was like, "duh" I decided that the boy cooking me dinner for a change would be permissable.  So that is what is taking place this weekend. 

Ummm...a girl can dream?

Now, clearly, once we decided on said plans, I had to lay down some ground rules.  But first, let me back things up by saying the boy has never cooked dinner for me before.  Not that he hadn't offered.  He has.  Many times.  Access denied.  Here's why:  He's from Georgia.  Yeah, he's a good 'ol boy and his favorite recipe goes something like this: 2 lbs of meat, dipped in butter, fried in carbs, served with cellulite dipping sauce, and a heart-attack on the side.  Ummm, no thanks. 

So, we agreed that he could cook as long as it was healthy and that we could have a back-up plan for carry-out on standby.  Logically, once I conceeded, he promptly left my house to go home and "research" what he wanted to cook.  I heard from him an hour and a half later that he had decided on a recipe and we were good to go.  Cut to the conversation I had with him today over the phone.  He called me at work while he was at the grocery store getting ingredients for tomorrow night.  It went something like this:

K: Babe, I'm at the store.  I just wanna check and see what you have on this list at your house.
Me: okay...
K: extra virgin olive oil? (in a WTF is this tone)
Me: Yep
K: Fresh rosemary needles?
Me: No, only dried at the house so you will need to get that.  Do you know where that is at the store?
K:  No.  What about red wine vinegar?
Me: yeah, got it.
K: fresh basil?
Me: Nope...but that will be with the rosemary in the store.
K: Umm, 4 garlic cloves?
Me: I have minced garlic.  Does it say minced?
K:  It doesn't say.
Me: You better get fresh garlic.
K: Okay cool.
Me: Do you know where the fresh garlic is?
K: No.
Me: Do you know what garlic looks like?
K: No.
Me: I think you need to ask someone there for help.
K: I think so too.

So......that conversation happened.  Not that I'm worried about food poisoning or anything.  And I'm definitely not worried about the kitchen burning down...which is why I totally haven't alerted the local fire departments to be on standby on Friday.  Oh, and if previous conversation wasn't scary enough, then how about this text convo we had earlier:

K: Babe, I'm at your you have any string?
Me: Umm, wtf?  Does the recipe call for string?
K: No not dinner, but dessert.  Nevermind, I found some.


So anyways, I guess the purpose of this post is not only to let you know about my weekend plans, but also to hopefully ensure that one of my followers will alert the proper authorities should I become absent from this blog (because I've obviously died of food poisoning or a kitchen explosion). 

Somebody tell my parents I love them. 


Kim - Liv Life said...

I just wanted to say that I SO enjoyed your post! What a wonderful way to start my day! Love the photos you have throughout... nicely done!!

Yelena Starikova said...

You are so Funny and Cute!) Seems so Romantic and YES~ naked cute men cooking for You~ made me dream))

Im your new follower!



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