Monday, July 18, 2011

The Truth about Running

Okay, here's the many of my dear readers, I was not born a skinny bitch.  I don't have that genetic make-up which allows me eat and drink whatever I want without the worry of gaining weight or having a muffin top.  I wish I was.  I really freakin' do.  The long of the short of it is that even if I eat a balanced, healthy, calorie-conscious diet, I still have to work out or else I WILL gain weight.  Period.  End of story. 

For whatever reason I decided that a great way to stay in shape was to take up running.  I always wanted to be a runner, but just never had the drive to do it.  So, a couple years ago I signed myself up for some local races and enlisted my family members to do them with me.  I figured if I was paying for them, I better get my ass in gear and start training...and train I did!  This past year, in the same races, I shaved over 14 minutes off my time in the Papa John's 10-miler.  Go me!  I'll admit I've had days (okay, weeks) where I have been seriously slacking in the running department and opted for the elliptical instead, but this summer I made a committment to myself that I would run no less than 10 miles a week, without fail.  And, I've been sticking to it, sometimes running anywhere from 15-17 miles in a week. 

But I've got a secret for you........

I hate running.

There, I said it.  I hate every mile of it.  Even though I've gotten better at it, and I've improved my time, and I'm in shape, I still. hate. running.  My knees hurt.  My hip hurts.  I'm often so tired I have daydreams of taking naps, but I run on.  Why do I do this to myself?  I keep hearing runners talk about this thing called a "runner's high".  Ummm....that does not exist.  This I can assure you.  The only "high" I get from running is when I can beat my boyfriend's time and rub it in his face.  That's pretty fun.  But other than that, not so fun. 

I'll admit that I love the feeling I get after a good run.  I'm energized and feel good about myself, and I love beating my old times and seeing the progress I've made over the last two years.  I will also admit that sometimes when I run on the treadmill at the gym, I imagine that there is a candybar (Almond Joy, to be specific) dangling in front of the machine and I am running towards it.  I know using chocolate as a motivator for working out may be counter-productive, but I'm sorry...It's an addiction.  My name is Taryn and I run for chocolate. 

So, despite my love/hate (mostly hate) relationship with running, I have decided once I reach 50 followers I am going to reward myself with a new pair of running shoes. (Don't worry sassy readers....I have also decided that if I ever reach 100 followers, I am doing a giveaway for you!  Oh, and it will be super fabulous because I'm super fabulous, and my readers deserve only the best!).  Side it wrong that I'm "rewarding" myself with shoes that are meant solely (pun intended) to torture me into an activity which I despise for the most part.  What can I say...masochism is my thing. 

So, there you have it...tell yo kids, tell yo wives (don't hide 'em) that I need 14 more followers to get my new runnin' shoes.  Oh, and I only need 64 more followers to give away fabulous things.  Happy Monday!


jaimie michelle said...

I love love love this post! A few years ago my sister in law convinced me to run a half marathon with her, but I feel basically the same way you do about running--I hate it! I did it though, and finishing the race and getting the metal is an experience I would totally describe as a "runner's high"...and since then I've run another half and an adventure 5k, and am signed up for a Half relay with my best friend and (possibly) two more halfs.

Sometimes, I seriously think I'm out of my mind! It's so good to hear that other people feel the same--sometimes I feel like I'm the only one that doesn't like running!

I hope you make 50 followers soon--my favorite part about the running is all the fun running gear I get to buy!

If you ever do a race in Disney World, let me know--it's my race spot of choice!


Casey @ Classic with a Pop said...

I was already a follower, so unfortunately I won't be helping your count to 50 haha But if you get to 49 and really want a pair of shoes, let me know and I will employ my husband :) haha

I, also, HATE running. Hate it. It's miserable, I have zero endurance, and I live in Florida, so I feel like I'm running in a sauna. But yet...I continue to force myself to run intervals because I feel like it burns more calories than my workout DVDs. Sigh.

Amanda said...

I'm already a follower too :/ so I can't help you get to the 50, but I'm sure you will soon!

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