Sunday, June 12, 2011

You know you're getting older when...... get excited to have a Saturday with nothing you can clean your house.

....the Banana Boat tanning oil that used to be in your pool bag is replaced by a can of 45-SPF spray, and you're considering investing in a big floppy hat to wear on all pool and beach outings so that the sun never hits your face. start referring to stores like Abercrombie and American Eagle as children's clothing stores.

....your nightly routine now includes applying under-eye cream. spend the first hour of work prepping for an appointment, and upon leaving for said appointment, you discover that you not only left your keys in your car, but you also left it running. own more cardigan sweaters than you do underwear. go out for one of your best friends' birthdays and not only do you need a round of coffee after dinner in order to consider making it out to the bars, but your friend informs you that as a birthday gift to herself, she joined Weight Watchers. use your reward gift cards from work to buy a vacuum. have to beg your boyrfriend to trim his nose hairs because they are starting to curl up around the nostrils. drink one glass of wine and you can't feel your legs. start getting ready for bed at 9:00pm...

....your disposable income goes to purchases at Home Depot and Lowes rather than stores like Forever 21 and Express. ask for a Cuisinart for your birthday. didn't think "The Hangover 2" was funny at all... completely identify with the mom on Modern Family, and your boyfriend agrees that she is "so you"... get more accomplished on Saturday morning between the hours of 7am and noon than you do all week. send your boyfriend a calendar invitation to date night so you can both have it in your Outlook calendar. no longer care that your butt is jiggling on that walk from your lounge chair to the steps at the's flipping hot and you need to get in (and feel secretly smug in knowing that all the 19-year olds in their teeny tiny suits will have jiggly butts too in about 5-10 years). no longer care about what just about anyone thinks...except yourself...because that's all that really matters anyway.


Now your turn!!!

"You know you're getting older when......"

Leave your answer in the comment box!


Elizabeth said...

Stumbled upon your blog today and think it is absolutely fabulous! Am following now!

xoxo, elizabeth

Hope you'll check my blog out too: Life with Elizabeth

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