Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summer Solstice

Greetings to my 21 blog readers!  Guess what...it's the first day of summer and the longest day of the year.  How are you planning to celebrate??

I know it's not Christmas or anything, but it does only come around once a year and is usually filled with many things....the promise of pool weather, summer flings, flip flops, and (if you live in the south) the reassurance that the sweating off of your make-up on a daily basis is really only just beginning.

Today I started my summer off right by hitting the snooze on the alarm for exactly an hour.  Do I feel bad that the boy was trying to sleep next to me while I let the alarm ring every 10 minutes?  No, I do not.  He in turn likes to leave his watch in random places in my bedroom which goes off at 7am every day.  Let me tell you how fun it is searching for a "beep beep" noise all over your bedroom on your one morning you get to sleep in a week.....

Ummm, moving on....So, as I said, I'm kicking the summer off right today by partaking in the following activities:

1. Sweating through my work clothes no less than 3 times today.

2. Pulling the hair off my neck to fan myself every hour on the hour.

3.  Checking for butt sweat stains on my way out of all my customer appointments.

4.  Making sure there is a less-than-adequate amount of freon in my car to run the A/C at an acceptable level.

5.  Letting friends and strangers alike use the reflection from my oily skin as a mirror.

6.  Listening to all of my favorite summer tunes.  Oh wait.....scratch that....I still have no CDs.  Good thing I'm not bitter about that though (see this post for the back story on that).

7.  Adding Hilton Head Island to my list of locations on all of my WeatherBug apps on every wireless device I own so I can check the updated forecast every half hour.  Did I mention I will be there in 4 days?????

Oh, and since the summer solstice theme is "heat", I also celebrated by scalding my tongue on both my coffee and my Lean Cuisine today.

I also plan on giving serious consideration to taking my dog to the dog park, only to ultimately decide that it's too humid and opt to stay in and enjoy a Skinny Girl Margarita instead.  Gotta love summer. 

The boy is also celebrating the solstice by working obscene hours at his job, dropping his credit card in the door of his truck where it will get stuck (side note: how the hell does this actually happen??), having his super cute gf bring him a smoothie at work, and I suspect will cap his celebrations off later by eating watermelon and drinking from the garden hose. 


Now your turn!

How are you celebrating summer? 

Leave your comments below!


Elizabeth said...

I feel the exact way about the heat right now. Even my dog refused to go on a walk. He will sit down in the driveway and protest if we are outside for more than seven minutes.

I'm loving Skinny Girl Margaritas after work myself. They makes the hot days so much more bearable. So jealous of your upcoming trip to HHI - it is one of my fav vacation spots.


Life with Elizabeth

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