Monday, June 20, 2011

What I learned this weekend

1. Wine can and will freeze.  And the cork will blow off the top of the bottle if you put it in the freezer and forget about it.

2. Wine slushies are delicious.

3.  Regardless of the cut or style, any underwear I own with flowers on them will be referred to by the boyfriend as "granny panties".

4.  When my mom runs out of things to clean at my house, she will begin cleaning the cleaning products themselves.  This weekend she took my vacuum apart and washed each piece with hot soapy water.

5.  McDonalds is selling ice cream cones for $0.49....this is now all I can think about.

6.  In addition to $0.49 cones, McDonalds also now has Rolo McFlurries.  Did I really need to know this??

7.  No matter how old I get, some things never my dad giving me a lecture on changing the air filters in my house as soon as he walks in the door....every single time he comes to my house.

8.  No amount of exercise I do will make me feel better about eating 30 starbursts in the span of 3 hours.

9.  Watching the boys build a pergola over the deck can be just as exhausting as building it yourself.  Trust me.

10.  Women see household projects as a way to make a house a home.  Men only see dollar signs.

11.  A size 6 at Target is actually a size 11.  Know this before going into the dressing room with a pair of shorts and witnessing what your ass and muffin top look like in a Target size 9.  I promise, it is NOT good. 

12.  The bottoms of my new pair of Baby Phat flip flops I got on clearance are very slick.  Wish I'd known this before I walked fast down the stairs with a cup of hot coffee my hand. 

13.  Never underestimate the healing power of a good long run...

14.  For that matter, never underestimate the calming power of a giant glass of wine...

15.  Monday always comes too soon. (okay, I didn't really learn this fact over the weekend, it was merely re-inforced this weekend)


Now your turn!

What did you learn this weekend?

Leave your comments below!


Keith said...

I learned that WHILE the bf/husband is working on a major project, every woman will then start telling her bf/husband what great idea she had for the next big project. This is usually followed up with samples from the hardware store and pricing, along with the comment: I didnt think it would cost so little! I did a little research with two very reliable resources with which this was confirmed.

Anonymous said...

I learned that life and love come together in many ways and that in our family, we work hard, play hard and laugh all the time at ourselves. Keith is in "sainthood training" earning an "A" so far. I learned that no matter when I show up for a visit at Taryn's, I will always find an A/C filter that needs to be changed - and yet she always tells me she loves me when I leave! I also learned that some dogs will go crazy chasing a laser pointer spot across the floor which is a great way to excersize the dog when it's raining.
Mike Lorenzen

Anonymous said...

Wedding weekend (for my brother) - I learned no matter how much you plan every single tiny detail, something will go wrong and as a bridesmaid, you just keep smiling. Even during the really long awkward pause when the wedding coordinator forgot to light the candles and is lighting them after everyone except the bride has walked down the isle and the trumpet player can't get his trumpet to play the write note for the bride's entrance. I also learned that when pregnant and in a tight dress, the dress gets uncomfortable after about the 6th hour in the dress. I was tempted to pull a "Taryn" at Brynn's wedding, but the dress was too hard to get on and off... ~Sarah M.

Sole Matters said...

hahahaa @ 1 and 2! hilarious.

Becca said...

I'm a new follower and love your blog! This post cracked me up ... especially #4. My mom would totally do the same thing! said...

I love that our families are so much alike. And that when I walk into your house (or in this case Keith's house) I am immediately greeted with hugs and a glass of wine.

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