Thursday, August 2, 2012

When life hands you color...Run it!

Last Saturday, I had the best time participating in my first color run!  For those of you who don't know, the Color Run is self-proclaimed to be the "happiest run on the planet."  It is a 5k that has color stations scattered throughout the course where you get blasted with different colors.  The only real requirements are to wear a white shirt and to have fun!  When I heard that the color run was coming to Louisville, I knew immediately that I wanted to get involved.  What a great opportunity to log another 5K AND have a freakin' awesome time too? 

Along with the 4 color stations throughout our course, we also recieved a special packet of color that you save until the color throw after the race.  Our color stations throughout the actual run were Orange, Yellow, Pink, and Blue.  Once we finished, we headed over to the the color throw area after snapping a couple photos.  I was a little disappointed at this point because I felt like everyone else had a ton more color than me.  That was all about to change!  When I opened my packet, I realized that my extra color was none other than my favorite color....purple!!  Clearly I was meant to be in this color run.  It goes without saying that I was completely color-covered after the throw too!

Running with me on the day was my mom and our friend Misty.  We all had an absolute blast running like idiots, getting messy, and of course stuffing our faces with brunch in our full Color Run get-up at North End Cafe.  I highly recommend checking out one of these runs when they visit your's a great workout that doesnt feel like a workout, and it's such a great thing to do with those that are close to you. 
Before the race...still white!

After the main race!

The Color Throw!!

Color, color, everywhere!

Misty, Me, and Mom (and Olive, of course)

Me and Mom

Olive....Color dog.

Arms looked like splatter paint!

From the back

Before I showered...all the color bled through my shirt and it looked like I got repeatedly kicked in the stomach! 

Color Run, bitches....


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