Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Our Wedding - Pretty Pictures

Tired of wedding stuff yet?  I kinda don't blame you.  But too bad.  After a year of planning and neglecting this 'lil old blog of mine, I can't help but share all the fun detail of the day.  This post will mostly be pictures - you know, the ones we might actually frame :)

The Girls:

It was sooo hot!  I love this pic of the gals helping me air out my legs while we walked.

Gorgeous gals :)

Maid of Honor/Sister and Me

Matching tattoos.

Me and both my sissies! 

And of course our bridesmaid pic...inspired by the below pic...


The Boys...


Groomsmen version of our pic

Groom and Best Man.

The Couple

Airing of the legs...again....


Amanda said...

Gosh you just have a gorgeous bridal party, I can't stand it! And I really hope that these aren't the last of the photos because I love looking at all your photos

Rachel said...

What awesome pictures! I'm loving all of the wedding posts!! And those bridesmaid shoes- SO pretty!
Love the Bridesmaids picture too!!
Looks like all your hard work paid off!!

Anonymous said...

The pics are beautiful. I'm thinking that you might have been more comfortable with a short wedding dress. It's hot outside in Louisville in the summer.

But I love the colors. And it looks like you all had a great time!!!!

florists singapore said...

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