Wednesday, August 22, 2012

What I'm Luuvving Wednesday

Hey y'all!  I'm linking up today for What I'm Loving Wednesday (via This Kind of Love)  I haven't done one of these is for-ev-er and thought it might be a fun little hump day post.  So, without further ado, here is what I'm loving today!

I'm loving that the weather has been pretty much perfect lately.  It's not too hot, not too cold...not quite summer, not quite fall.  I don't feel guilty about buying fall clothes because it's not scorching out, but I still get to wear my white shorts all over town with heels.  Win-win situation, if you ask me. 

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I'm loving that Jenn at Munchkinland Designs is hard at work on a little facelift for this lil' blog-o-mine.  She obviously rocked it out the first time, and is totally game to do it again.  Can't wait to see how it turns out, and of course, share it with all my lovely readers

I'm really loving that I finally feel like I have the time and the energy to work on my blog again.  Wedding planning was seriously not my made me cranky and stressed out, and my posts suffered because of it.  I'm loving that I get to be an active participant on my page again...thanks for sticking with me!

I'm loving that my husband is working on a guest post for me this week!  It's a twist on the "If you really knew me" posts that have been going around.  I was interested in his perspective on this topic and what he would share with all of you about me!  Thanks Kelly at Messy Dirty Hair for the idea!

I'm loving that the projects around our house are finally coming together and more importantly, coming to an end.  I will have lived here a year in October, and in that time, we have put down new flooring, painted every wall, painted all the cabinets, re-finished the counter tops, put up backsplash, and bought new furniture.  Whew!  It's been quite a challenge maintaining our sanity this past year, but we have managed.  The only things we have left are the floors in the master bathroom, mirror mate frames for the mirrors in our bathrooms, and sadly, new paint for the living room again!  Once we finished all the changes in the kitchen, I realized that our main room needed to be a different color, so back to Lowes we go!

I am loving that we have a jam-packed few months coming up - first labor day weekend with my sister coming to visit, Music Midtown in Atlanta in September, and Keeneland in October with (hopefully) a visit from the boy's family in there somewhere as well.  It's good to have great family and friends!

Source: via Taryn on Pinterest
I'm loving that I finally discovered Gel Manicures a few months ago, and can finally have sassy looking nails for more than 5 days at a time.  The last one I had lasted a full month!  Aside from the nail re-growth, the ends of my nails still looked great!  How did I not discover this sooner?

I'm loving that I made the leap a few weeks back and got my wedding set soldered together and sizing beads put it.  I was really hesitant about taking the plunge, but I could not stand that my band kept turning upside down and my e-ring spun back and forth.  I couldn't get them sized down anymore due to my ginormous knuckles.  The jeweler assured me it was the best route, and 2 sizing beads later, they are stuck together and fit perfectly.

I'm loving that my life feels normal again.  I feel like I am enjoying the little things so much more these days.  This was what I was most looking forward to about our wedding...being married.  It was never about the day or the dress...that was just a bonus!

I am loving that fall candles are starting to come out at Bath & Body Works!  I can't wait for them to go on promotion for 2 for $20 because I will be on that like white on rice. 

Source: via Taryn on Pinterest

I am loving all my boys.  My choobie (Sawyer), Jax-man, and of course husband.  They are my favorite part of every day.


Keith said...

I am loving that we are about to save a lot of money by combining policies, ditching an over priced cable company, and working on purchasing a boat.

Nicholl Vincent said...

love that wedding sign!

Have a great night! Stop by and say hello! :)

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