Monday, August 6, 2012

Our Wedding - Getting Pretty!

After a long week of last minute preparations, family arrivals, scorching heat, and many festivities, it was finally our wedding day.  I woke up on Saturday morning and was immediately grateful that I didn't have to rush anywhere or be anywhere for several hours.  Throughout all the planning process, the one decision I was firm on was that I was not planning to be anywhere on my wedding day until it was time to be at the venue.  I just wanted to relax with my bridesmaids and drink champagne!  With all the girls scheduled to arrive at my parents' house to get ready around 10:30am, I had enough time for a nice long run with my sister and a relaxing shower. 

We set up a little "getting ready" area off the kitchen and changed into the robes I had gotten everyone from Pretty Plum Sugar to get ready in.  Tiffany from Joseph Salon showed up right at 11:00 to do my hair and make-up.  I was lucky enough to have Tiffany do my hair 2 years earlier at my sister's wedding, and she did an awesome job.  I knew I had to have her do my wedding day look as well.  Our dear friends Deb and Benham showed up not long after that to bring us Champagne and brunch from Paul's Deli.  It was delicious! 

Lots of tools...and mimosas :)


delicious...thank goodness for Deb and Benham!

Tiffany working her magic

Spacing out...

Some of the gals

Lil nugget...he played so good while we got ready!


Hair from the back

Whit helping Kenzie get ready
DeAnna :)

Maid of Honor

The other man in my life

Just tease it and make it look like a blonde football helmet

Whit and Miranda getting gorgey

Brynn and me

All the gals in our robes I got them!

Last step...lips!

Glad we have a pic of this...we may not see the boy ironing again...umm, ever.

Best man, boy, bourbon

Signing the card he got me.

Looking very handsome...
Tyler helping my brother with his boutonniere

My gift to my husband :)

My wedding gift to the boy was a custom canvas I did of "The Luckiest" by Ben Folds.  This song has always had special meaning to us in our relationship, and we had it performed during our wedding ceremony.  I thought it would be a great surprise!  If you haven't heard the must go right now to YouTube and listen. 

Next up...our very hot, but still wonderful ceremony!


Anonymous said...

You look SO gorg!!!!

Amanda said...

EEEE! Gorgeous! And I love that you went running on your wedding day! I'm totally going to do that when the day comes that M and I get married, many many years from now!

Monica said...

Checking out that song! I love love those robes :)

florist said...

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