Thursday, August 23, 2012

If You Really Knew Me - A Guest Post from the Boy

I had been mulling around with the idea of having the boy do a little guest post, and thought it would be perfect for him to do his own version of the "If You Really Knew Me" theme that many of my fellow bloggers have been participating in.  I originally saw this on Kelly's blog, and I think Kelly saw it somewhere else. was a cute idea and I couldn't pass it up!  So without further ado, here is what my husband wrote (verbatim)...

If you really knew Taryn you would know that she really loves our dogs.  She calls them our furry children.  And she means it. 
If you really knew Taryn, she is really cute when she doesn't even know it.  Example: when we are relaxing on the couch at the end of the night, she looks at at me with her glasses on the tip of her nose, sweatpants and old t-shirt on wrapped up in a blanket playing on her laptop.  She looks at me and wonders why I can't stop staring at her.
If you really knew Taryn, you would know that she is an all caring all loving person.  She has a wall that you have to get around but its only a test/challenge to see if your up to it. 
If you really knew Taryn, she loves the dumbest shows.  I came home the other night to her watching Laguna Beach, which if you're not familiar "it" would be a rerun of a reality tv show from 2003.  I know I am shaking my head also. 
If you really knew Taryn, she is a major planner. She plans out her days, vacations, and holidays.  She is always listens to what everyone wants to do, but leave the fine details to her.

If you really knew Taryn, she always gives the most thought out gifts, the most well written birthday cards and everyone looks forward to her presents. 
If you really knew Taryn, you would know she loves to write. Writing for Taryn is her therapy session, and a chance for her to get things off her chest.  She has been given a gift to creatively put down in words her thoughts.  I just can't wait till she has her best-selling novel.  Please purchase it in hard back, don't be cheap and get the paper back. 
If you really knew Taryn, you would know that she has cried in the cat aisle at Petsmart
If you really knew Taryn, you would know that she has adjusted her bra in front of a window looking into a store. Then said, well I guess they got a show.
If you really knew Taryn, she really really loves me.



Anonymous said...

If you really knew Taryn, you would find she's the best daughter a dad could ever have!
Mike Lorenzen

Anonymous said...

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