Thursday, April 5, 2012

True Blue!

Hey y'all!  Pardon my absense...I've been busy celebrating a NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP with my whole darn city and of course, these guys....

I can remember 14 years ago, at my parents house watching our Cats bring home number 7 and thinking..."One day I will be a part of that!"  Even though it took over a decade, I finally got to be in the middle of the celebration for our 8th National Championship.  It was an amazing feeling and an amazing thing to watch with other True Blue fans....and I'm not saying this is the reason we won, but I deliberately wore the same shirt for this win that I wore for our sweet 16, elite 8, and final 4 I kinda feel like I'm about 50% responsible for it.

We watched the game at Pazzo's, right on campus which was perfect!  We snagged seats right at the bar and had a great front row seat for the game...I didn't even mind the extra miles I had to run on Tuesday due to the pizza and beer I shoveled into my mouth all night.  For those of you who don't totally get the fanfare in our city, check out the vids I shot of our win and the celebration to follow...

Check out the pulse at Pazzos as we watched the final seconds count down in the game.  Everyone could feel what was about to happen and we were ready!  Withing a minute and a half of the final buzzer, the whole restaurant was in the streets.  Good thing we paid out tab at halftime!

The celebration outside of Pazzo's on Limestone.  So much happiness and positive energy in the streets...notice there's no cars burning or old couches being set afire!

Our drive home was crazy!  THis was at about 12:30am on a Monday night!  Cars everywhere, honking, police madness!

And now, on to more important topics....

What Championship shirt should I get??
UK Nike Champs Women Locker Room TeeUK Nike Champ 8 TeeUK Ladies Champ Fringe Tee

Decisions, decisions!


Keith said...

umm. I am thinking the middle one. love the 8 on the front. but the grey one is also badass.

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