Monday, April 30, 2012

Miranda's Bachelorette Bash

For the last week I have been a little more exhausted and irritable than usual...why you ask?  Because I spent last weekend in Atlanta partying it up with Miranda for an intimate bachelorette bash...and let's face it, when you are pushing 30 it takes a week to recover.  So even though I have been a little off my game, it was all worth it to be able to celebrate with one of my very best friends.

Although we planned to leave Lexington around noon last Friday, we ended up getting a little behind schedule when Miranda got called back into work for a last minute firedrill at noon....we were waiting for her when she finally made it home, and threw our bags in the car and headed out.  The ride was going pretty smooth for the first hour and a half, and Miranda had even packed us little road trip gift bags with bottled water, magazines, advil, gum, sugar free redbull, and trailmix among other things.  However, not even 2 hours in, we hit stop and go traffic (okay, mostly "stop", not so much "go") that kept us on Jellico Mountain for TWO HOURS!  Needless to say, we were about to lose our minds, and someone in our car may or may not have peed in front of God and everybody on the shoulder of the road while in said traffic.  But that's neither here nor there.

We finally arrived at my sister's house on Friday night around 9:00...just in time to huff down a meal and a glass of wine before I could blink.  I kissed on my nephew for a bit and relaxed before we ultimately decided that if we were indeed going to carry out our plan of drinking all day Saturday, we better scoot on to the store to pick up all the fixins' for Mimosas. 

This was where we hit a little snag.  While at the store, we divided and conquered and all ended up at the u-scan all checking out at the same time.  While Miranda was digging in her purse to get her ID for the cashier, she got this horrified look on her face as she realized that not only was her ID hot in her purse, it was not in Atlanta at all.  It was actually sitting in the console of her car in Lexington....

Thus begins the bridesmaids' test of resourcefulness...what do you do when the bachelorette forgets her ID for her own bachelorette party??  I'll tell you what you do.  Step one is to sound the horn on facebook.  Step two is to decide on a plan B in case the ID cannot be recovered.  Step three is to have FedEx same-day ship it on Saturday for $350.  Wait...okay scratch step three...that was was a definite no go.  So I worked on plan b while Whit and Mir worked on finding a way to get the ID in-hand.  Luckily for us, when we got up Saturday morning, Miranda discovered that an acquaintance had seen a post on facebook and just happened to be flying from Lexington to Atlanta for a layover on her way to a tropical vacation.  She agreed to bring the ID to the security check point, and luckily the TSA agent was having a good day and passed it through the the eager bachelorette who was waiting on the other side of security at the Atlanta airport.

Crisis averted!  Of course, once we had the ID in hand, Miranda proceeded to get carded by exactly no one for the remainder of our trip. 
Miranda after getting her ID back!
The rest of the trip went pretty smoothly.  We successfully drank all day Saturday by starting our day with mimosas, drinking margaritas at Tacqueria del Sol at lunch and wine once we got to the hotel room and at dinner...

Breakfast of Champions...Blueberry Morning cereal, mimosas, and leftover Easter candy.

We stayed the the W Hotel in Midtown and were treated to a wonderful surprise of wine and chocolate covered strawberries waiting for us in our room.  The guy who checked us in at the front desk also agreed to send up the strippers when they arrived...and when we confessed that we hadn't actually ordered a stripper, he agreed to provide the male entertainment himself at the promise that we would "make it mist" by each throwing a $1 bill at him.  Once we had popped the wine open and indulged in some choco strawberries, we all had a toast and then promptly ordered 2 more white fluffy robes to be delivered to the room so the 4 of us could lounge comfortably until it was time to get ready.

We relaxed in the room for a couple hours before finally getting ready, sharing gifts with the bride-to-be, and taking a $20 cab ride one block to dinner at Gilberts in the gayest area of Atlanta.  No really...dinner was absolutely delicious, but we were for sure the only chicks there.  For sure. 

Me and my sister

The girls before dinner

Me and the bride to be!

After dinner, we walked back to the hotel while I blew a whistle shaped like a penis most of the way.  When we arrived, we promptly headed to Whiskey Park where we had ordered a drink before getting escorted into the velvet rope area where Champagne and bottle service were waiting for us.  I proceeded to dance like an absolute idiot (including a solid hour where I danced only with my elbows after some drunk B broke Whit's champagne glass with her elbow).  After a solid evening of mixed drinks, champagne, and touching the bar back inappropriately just for fun, we called it a night at about 3:30 am and got a solid 5 hours of sleep in. 
Our table set up!

And so begins the hour where I photobomb all my own photos...

Another photobomb...and a lovely face.

Blowing my penis whistle...I would later blow this in every stranger's face that dared to pass me by...

All in all it was a pretty wonderful night altogether, and hopefully a good time had by all.  The bachelorette had fun as well, and was a real fashion trendsetter by wearing her bachelorette sash several different ways throughout the evening!

Anywho...I successfully caught up on no additional sleep this weekend and am fairly confident I won't for another month at least.  Hope everyone had a great weekend!


Elizabeth said...

So much fun! I love mimosas, too! This post has me so excited for my own bachelorette party right around the corner! xo

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