Monday, April 9, 2012

Birthday & Easter Round Up

Howdy kids! Its been an eventful few weeks round here.  I celebrated my birthday on March 30 by working a full day at the office! Yippee!  Lucky for me, my coworker got me into the birthday spirit, by decorating my cubicle!

Hilary also gave me some bath treats from Lush and what is by far the biggest and cheesiest birthday card I have ever received.  I  must have played this at least 15 times throughout the workday to my coworkers' dismay.  I even went so far as to send this little video to Hilary last Friday morning before work just to pump her up for the day.  

Yes...I am weird like that.  Unfortunately the balloons that decorated my desk didn't make it more than a couple days without becoming ridiculously inappropriate.  The long balloons...well, let's just say within a day or two they looked a little phallic and had to be removed.  The smaller balloons made it through about a week before they looked enough like breasts that I had to remove them from my workspace and graciously hang them on Hilary's desk.  It only took a few minutes for us to unanimously decide that we were surrounded by way too much balloon erotica for one week and in the trash they went.

See waht I mean??

Anywho...even though I was working, the boy still stopped by the office and brought a carton of milk and a cookie cake for everyone to enjoy.  After having an inappropriately large slice, and sharing with everyone at the office, I decided the remaining cake could not come home with me and insisted the burly men at my last appointment of the day enjoy it.

I read somewhere that calories don't count on your birthday...dang I hope that's true.

To round out a great birthday, the boy surprised me with roses, a Coach giftcard, and a birthday dinner at Bonefish Grill (I die for their house salad).  So, all in all it was a pretty great birthday!
I got three of these little gift cards (thanks Brynn, K, and Miranda!!) and will soon be purchasing new new little bag to tote my goodies in.  I also got some of the lovely Aviv Jasmine perfume I have been lusting over for a year.  Now I smell delightful! 
After bday dinner with my roses!

We celebrated Easter this past weekend with a nice 3.5 mile run followed by the late service at Southland, immediately followed up with an excruciating headache.  We had intended to run by the house after church and grab the fruit I cut up for the Easter shindig at with the boy's aunt and uncles house...however I insisted he let me lay down for "5 minutes" while the 4 Advil I took kicked in....needless to say, 5 minutes turned into 45 minutes and we arrived pretty unfashionably late.  It was not late enough to miss the mountains of food which I did not hesitate to pile onto my plate. 

 During lunch Keith's cousin Hannah and I agreed that we should have a separate Easter egg hunt for the big kids where we hunt for eggs filled with $20 bills.  Then I got to thinking, what else could be in the eggs in an adult Easter hunt?
Ryan Gosling?



Hmmm...I think we might be onto something with this adult Easter egg hunt...thoughts?? 

All in all a great birthday and Easter weekend...we are very blessed!  My nephew, Mason, true to form spent his Easter being adorable in his new hat.  Can't wait to kiss on those little cheeks this weekend at my bridal shower!

Lil heartbreaker :) 


Amanda said...

Glad you had wonderful birthday celebrations! YAY for April birthdays :) Oh and I'm totally going to do an adult Easter egg hunt next year!

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