Thursday, April 19, 2012

He said, she said...

At my bridal shower this past weekend, we played a little game of "Who knows the Bride best?"  Our gracious host, Lainey had asked the boy a series of 20 questions to see how well he knew me, and she shared the same questions with all the attendees as well to see who of all the gals knew me best.  It was really fun to see who knew which things about me and who didn't (i.e., my future husband). 

So without further ado, here is the little version of he said, she said that we played at the shower:

1. Where did you two meet?
He said: We met at [work].  The story goes: Taryn had just started with [the company] and was at my store for training.  I introduced myself to her in the back and said "Hey I'm K" and she says, "Hey I'm Taryn."  Then she WHIPS around and walks away and all I remember is a wave of blonde hair hitting me in the face.
She said: We met at work...I think I asked him to help me with the fax machine. (I still maintain that I do not remember meeting him that day in his version...)

2. How long have you dated?
He said: We have dated since October 2010, so that...carry the one...18 months
She said: Trick question.  Depends on if you're counting from when we started dating again or for the first time.  Either on and off for 4 years or for a year and a half.

3. What is Taryn's favorite color?
He said: purple, easy...
She said: purple

4. When is Taryn's birthday?
He said: March 30, 1984...I have come close to having that tattooed on my forehead.
She said: March 30, 1984

5. What is her favorite restaurant?
He said: I would say Harry's simply because of the chopped salad
She said: I don't know!  I was trying to guess what he may have I said Bonefish Grill or that restaurant we ate at in Savannah.  Or Malone's simply because we go there or because of the chopped salad.  And I'm loving Table 310 right now too.

6. What is her favorite vacation spot?
He said: For Taryn it would be the next vacation (Mexico for our honeymoon), or I feel like we both enjoyed Hilton Head.
She said: We haven't been on many vacations together, so maybe Savannah...but in all honesty, anywhere on the beach.  Dream vacation would be Greece!

7. What is her favorite type of music?
He said: Pop music, and some country...she still needs to learn some Hank, Willie and Johnny songs.
She said: Not country.  Favorite music would be anything of the Dave Matthews, Marc Broussard, Amos Lee, James Morrison anything in that genre. 

8. What does she do to relax?
He said: haha...a glass of wine, computer on her lap, contacts out, wrapped up in a blanket laying on the couch, with the tv on but not watching it because she wants noise in the background.  I could paint you a picture.
She said: Pretty much that, except he left out that I take a bath every night after I work out.  And definitely the wine.

9. What is the longest period of time you haven't spoken because of a fight?
He said: We drove back to Atlanta from Savannah not talking most of the way, and we were both so mad neither turned on the radio.  It was a quiet ride on a two lane interstate with nothing but Georgia pines on either side of the road.
She said: I don't think we've ever gone a day without talking, but we have stayed mad at each other over a fight (very short, one word conversations) for two or three days before.  (Side note...when I heard his answer I did agree that that was a particularly brutal 4-hour car ride in complete silence...).

10. What is her favorite curse word?
He said: I believe sh*t, but she is well-versed in all of them.
She said: f*ck....there is really no excuse for him getting this wrong...even my grandma got f*ck right.

11. If the house was burning down, what is the one thing she would grab to save?
He said: Wine, cell phone, laptop.  Sawyer, Jax and I would have to fend for ourselves.
She said: Apart from him, I would grab the dogs.

12. What is her favorite thing to do for fun?
He said: Tell me what I'm doing wrong.
She said: I really like eating.  Or maybe running/being outdoors.  Shopping.

13. What was the name of her first pet?
He said: Before I met her, I am not sure...but she had a cat that didn't have a name so I called him "shit for brains" and "shakespeare"
She said: We had a cat named Abby, a cat named Crystal (yes, these are names a 6 year old picks out for their animals) and a dog named Carl....before I met him.

14. What is her favorite flower?
He said: Roses.  That's what I always get her.
She said: I like roses, but probably hydrangeas for my favorite.

15. What is the name of the perfume she wears most?
He said: I don't have a clue.
She said: Probably the Alabaster perfume (he got me for Christmas) from Banana Republic, and the Jasmine Aviv perfume I got as a birthday gift from Sabon in NYC.

16. What year did she graduate from college?
He said: 2007
She said: 2006

17. Who is her best friend?
He said: Brynn, Whitney, Miranda
She said: Whitney, Miranda, and if sisters count...Brynn.

18. If she could live anywhere, where would it be?
He said: California
She said: I'm already living my dream in Nicholasville [insert sarcasm here].  Probably one of the Carolinas...close to the beach but still close to family :)

19. What is the first thing she would buy if she won the lottery?
He said: A new car.
She said: Liposuction....or a new car.

20. What time is the wedding?
He said: 6:30pm July 7
She said: 6:00 pm, July 7

So, clearly we still have plenty we need to learn about each other...thought y'all might get a kick out of that!


Life In Heels said...

OMG! too funny!! at least yall agree on the day of the wedding! he may be 30 mins late though ;)

Bre said...

He should probably have the wedding time tattooed on his forehead instead of your birthday, seems like he has that one down. LOL!

Monica said...

Haha I agree with Bre he might need to have the time tattooed on instead!

Rachel said...

Hilarious! I always love this game but it would make me nervous to play it!

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Lacey Daniels said...

love this looks so fun

Lisa { Showered With Design } said...

this is so great! I loved reading the responses!!

Showered With Design

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