Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My Georgia Weekend

Truth: I had an awesome weekend....and it couldn't have come at a better time.  The boy and I took vacation time on Friday and Monday and drove down to Atlanta for a jam-packed weekend with family.  After leaving Lexington around 8:30 on Friday morning, my brother, the boy, and myself headed southbound 75 with the iPod on full blast.  After a few rounds of "Ball so Hard" (including an ammended version after stopping at Chick-fil-A for lunch..."What'd she order?"..."Chick-fil-A??"), and several threats that I would play and sing every Taylor Swift song on my playlist if my brother didn't stop with the deadly beer farts in the backseat, we finally made it to my sister's house.  I literally could have eaten my nephew up like Graeter's ice cream.  Love his heart.  He just turned a month old over the weekend, and he is the sweetest thing.  K was meeting him for the first time, and it was hilarious watching this giant man hold a 7 lb. baby and make cooing noises.

Friday night, my brother in law offered my sister a much earned night off from mommy duty (well, a few hours anyways) and offered to watch Baby Mason and Scooby Drew while the four of us (K, me, sister and brother) went to see Marc Broussard at the Center Stage Theater in Atlanta.  All I can say is WOW.  First of all, the venue was perfection...a small intimate theater that had great acoustics and not a bad view in the house.  We stood on the floor, probably 15 feet away from the stage and rocked out to the music.  I seriously must say...best live performer I have ever seen.  If you're not a Marc Broussard fan or not familiar with his music, please run...don't walk...and find the nearest concert to you and get yourself a ticket.  He started out with about 5 acoustic songs by himself and then slowly brought each band member out until they were seriously rocking out.  I think one of my favorite things about the show was just how down to earth Marc is.  There were a few times when he forgot some words, and he just laughed and said, "I forgot the words!".  It was really funny, and added a more real vibe to the show that I think can go missing from time to time.  After about an hour with the band, Marc came back out for an encore and closed the show with about 5 more solo acoustic songs.  It was seriously awesome. 

Saturday I spent a stupid amount of money at the Nike store on a new pair of running shoes that I managed to justify because they were "cute" and "comfy"...and I may have even said, "They're so cushiony, it feels like my feet are taking a nap"...exactly what I want my feet to feel right before I go for a run.  Regardless, they are black with purple accents and seriously, who can say "no" to purple?  Not this girl.  After my expensive trip to Nike, K and I headed out to Buford, GA to meet up with my aunt and uncle who had yet to meet the boy.  We had initially made plans to go to the spa, but since it was my uncle's b-day weekend, he pulled rank the day before and suggested we go to the shooting range instead...you know, because the shooting range and the spa are mostly the same. 

This was my first time ever at the shooting range, and I figured it would be fun.  Besides, I always love opportunities that allow me to start sentances with "So I was cleaning the gun powder off my hands, and a funny thing happened..."  Anyways....we had about 20 minutes to hang out and make friends with all of the elegant, gun-shooting folks of Buford, GA before our names were called for a couple open slots.  The convo went a little something like this:

Gun Man: Okay, what do you need?
Aunt P: Umm, a gun...
Gun Man: Okay, what kind of gun?
Me: I'll have something dainty...
Gun Man: Okay, and what would you like to shoot at today?
Me: I want to shoot a person.

As it turns out, "dainty" equals a .22 revolver.  And interestingly enough, had my answer to "What would you like to shoot at today?" been "I'd like to shoot at a werewolf carrying a human hand in his mouth" I would have been all set.

In my head I've always imagined that I am an awesome gunslinger, but as it turns out, I am not so bad in my real life either.  My first round of shots officially rendered my target braindead, and I quickly moved on to his genitals.  Nevermind that while Gun Man was showing me how to use the revolver I ducked out and ran towards the door when the person 3 rows down shot off what I could only assume were cannon balls at his target.  Eventually my heart rate returned to normal-ish and I got through a box of ammo in about 20 minutes.  That was pretty much all I needed for the day.

After shooting the bad guys, we all headed back into Atlanta to my sister's house where I stuffed my face with chicken tacos and then promptly poured a glass of champagne for all the girls and went into my sister's room to try on my wedding dress which had been residing at my aunt's house since November.  I think trying it on for the first time since buying it should always be done after eating mexican food.  It prepares you for "worst case scenario", which for me would be that I not only don't lose the 10 lbs I've put on since I bought it, put that I have taco belly as well.  I figure if I can fit into it now, I should have no worries for the big day.  Lucky for me it fit just fine...sort of.  It's a little snug in the hip area, and needs to come in about 3 inches in the bodice, but that's pretty much my life with just about any dress I buy.

Sunday was a relaxing day for the most part.  We got up and ate a lazy breakfast before heading out on a run and out to Buckhead for some shopping.  We met the boy's parents halfway between Atlanta and McDonough (about 30 minutes) for dinner and to exchange our Christmas gifts (a little belated).  It was great to catch up and continue to get to know them since we have so little time together.  K's parent's got me a beautiful necklace and a coordinating pair of earrings that go perfectly with it.  I am seriously loving the necklace because it is very sweet and dainty (not revolver dainty though....jewelry dainty).  Dinner was a great cap to our weekend in Georgia and I am looking forward to our next visit with them, hopefully in Lexington!

Monday morning K and I had planned on being on the road by 9:00am at the latest, but after noticing one of my tires was looking a little deflated, we had to adjust our departure time so the boy could take it up to Pep Boys and get a plug in it.  Despite living and dying by the schedule, I was actually really happy because it gave me an extra 2 hours with my sweet little Mason Jar and I just loved and loved on that little guy.  We had a big morning together watching CSI Miami reruns and cooing at the ceiling fan.  Eventually we had to get on the road, and after saying goodbye and getting in the car, I cried for a good 10 minutes because I didn't want to leave!  I eventually regained my senses, only to lose it again an hour later when I realized that my hands still smelled like baby.

All in all it was one of the best weekends I have had in a long time.  If I had a remote for my life, I would definitely rewind it a few times before promptly fast forwarding to next weekend when I can sleep in later than 6:20am.  Here's hoping all my readers had a great weekend with friends and loved ones as well.


Amanda said...

Sounds like a great and fun-filled weekend to me! Glad you got to have so much time with your sister and the little Mason man!

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