Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Let's Start with the Holidays

Okay, so I am a little behind on the obligatory holiday posts, but I really did have an excellent Christmas, and must share!  For starters, this Christmas was a little different than usual because for the first time in my 27 years of Christmases, I did not spend it with my whole family.  My unborn nephew was holding my sister hostage in Atlanta (her due date was January 2) and she and my brother in law could not travel to KY for the holiday.  I will admit, it was bothersome.  Christmas was most certainly not the same without her.  As children (okay, and maybe as adults too!) we used to sleep in the same bed every Christmas Eve.  We would set our alarms for the middle of the night and sneak out to see what Santa had brought us, and then sneak back into our rooms, giddy with excitement.  We kinda had to stop doing that though when she got married...for obvious reasons.  Christmas Eve was always magic as a kid.

This year, with part of our family being gone, it was different.  But it was still good.  I was blessed.  The boy and me got to spend the whole day on Christmas Eve together, which was certainly a first.  Per our family tradition, we split up on Christmas Eve and deliver homemade cinnamon rolls to all of our friends and loved ones.  My parents began this tradition over 20 years ago, and it has come to be an unwavering Christmas activity that never ceases to get me into the Christmas spirit.  My dad begins making cinnamon rolls in early December in his spare time after work and on the weekends.  If you walk into our house anytime between December 1 and Christmas Eve, you are likely to find my dad in the kitchen, hands covered in flour and rolling and slicing and mixing the cinnamon deliciousness that we consume on Christmas morning.  This year we delivered to nearly 30 families in Louisville, and since my sister was in Atlanta for the holiday, she continued the tradition there and made her own cinnamon rolls for her friends and family to enjoy on Christmas morning.  I have already decided that next year, the boy and I will do the same for our "family" here in Lexington and Nicholasville.

Anyways, here are some pictures of my Christmas with my family (minus preggo sister and company).  We really did have a blessed day!

Last minute wrapping of presents on Christmas Eve....of course, by the men.

Christmas tree at my parents house...complete with all the silly handmade ornaments from the kids for the last 29 years :)
Lounging by the fire in the den after doing stockings and "Santa" gifts....pre breakfast coma :)
My stocking and Santa gifts...a fun cow painting for the house and 2 fleur de lis tall candle holders, and a fun little journal!
Mimosas!  A Christmas morning tradition!
The boy giving me his fierce look in his new Oakleys...one of my gifts to him ;)
The wreckage.

Brother lounging with Sawyer...almost the same height!

Me and the Boy on Christmas night :)

As you can see...we had a great Christmas!  Once again, my man spoiled me rotten as well as my parents and siblings.  Christmas day we lounged around all day in sweatpants and watched movies.  It was perfect.

K and I had a pretty low key New Year's Eve this year due to a slightly early arrival (the subject of my next post!).  Last year for New Year's Eve we did the whole reserved table, dance club, woohoo party NYE, and it was awesome.  However, this year, I knew I wanted it to be more low key. 

NYE 2010

For the last evening of 2011, K and I had dinner reservations at a nice restaurant downtown where we had a great romantic dinner, and were home in bed by 11:30pm to watch the ball drop.  The next morning I would up and made us Gourmet Bourbon Pancakes (courtesy of a few of our lovely Christmas gifts) and we had a relaxing morning before K had to run off to work.  Pretty much the best way to spend the first morning of the new year...with my guy.

NYE 2011

Hope everyone had a safe and wonderful holiday...wishing all my dear readers many blessings in the new year!

Btw...here's a preview of my next post!


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