Monday, October 3, 2011

Somebody Digs my Blog!

Hey bloggy friends!  So, it's no secret that I've been a pretty awful blogger lately.  Life has been a busy mess (in all good ways) and I cannot find the time to put thoughts on my computer.  I know...for shame.  I am literally so excited to take a nap in a month or two and curl up with a good book.  Somebody remind me what that was like because I do not remember.  Okay, great thanks. 

This past weekend was another busy one...we spent Saturday night in Louisville where K and me had drinks with one of my oldest friends (yeah, friends for like 17 years...) and her man.  It was so great getting to catch up and have a couple of glasses of wine.  Saturday my mom and I dragged the boy to the St. James Art Fair in Louisville and I oggled over all kinds of art that would be perfect for our house but I couldn't afford.  Boo :-(....then I dragged the boy to the "potential caterer" that will actually be referred to as "the caterer" from now on because I am definitely going with them.  My food is going to rock.  I just know it.

Anyways, Sunday I met up with my two best gals, Whit and Miranda, and they helped me pick out a bridesmaid dress.  Yay!  I love, love, love crossing things off my wedding to-do list.  And every good bride knows you can't really move forward with your colors until you know what the bridesmaid dresses will be.  Duh.  And let's be dresses are gonna be adorable, and my b-maids are gonna be hottt!

Now...down to the real meat of this particular blog, which is this little bit of news: Somebody digs my blog.  And by somebody, I mean Elizabeth at Life with Elizabeth.  A few weeks ago she gifted me with this little "I Dig Your Blog" award and I have shamefully not had a chance to properly thank her. 

So as part of the award, I have to do three things.  Number one: Thank the person who gave it to me.  Duh!  Elizabeth is just adorable, and so is her blog so check it out.  In my head, I have won many awards, but this is the first actual award, so that makes it the best one.  Thanks Elizabeth!!

Step two is to give you 3 facts about me.  Although it does not specify whether they are meant to be "interesting" facts about me....which is good because I am fairly boring.

Fact 1: I have never been out of the country.  Yeah...'tis true.  I am an international virgin.  I have never been to Mexico, I have never been to Canada...I've been pretty much nowhere.  (And you thought I was lying when I said I was boring...ha!).  The boy and I have thrown out a few honeymoon ideas that take place abroad, but in most of those scenarios I am 10 lbs thinner and much we'll see how that pans out for me between now and the wedding.

Fact 2: I love scarves.  No really, I do.  I probably have at least 15 scarves (I feel like that's a lot).  I would have more, but I have prohibited myself from buying any for the last year or so.  I wear them year round too.  They go with everything. Promise.

Fact 3: I hate it when people read my blog over my shoulder as I'm writing it (Hint hint to my fiance).  He loves to come and try to get a sneak preview before it's posted.  Umm, that's not allowed.  He told me tonight that as my future husband, he thinks he should get some inside scoop as to what I'm writing about.  So tonight I told him that I was talking about this sassy award and needed him to help me think of 3 facts about myself.  This is the convo we had:

Me: I need you to help me think of 3 facts about myself.
K: Hmmm....let me think....(long silence).  When was your first car wreck?
Me: I've never been in a car wreck (umm, is a car wreck a right of passage or something?  Wtf kind of suggestion is that).
K: You have a cute butt.  Can you right about that?
Me: Nevermind. 

So, yeah...that conversation happened and perfectly illustrates why we are going back to the old way of doing things which involves not enlisting his help and letting him read it when it has been published (not over my shoulder).

Okay so step 3 is the most important one because it's where I get to tell 5 other gals that I dig their blog too and they can pass the award on themselves.  Yay!  So here they are....

4. Jaimie at everyday J
5. Erin at Living in Yellow

So that's that blog friends...go check out those other blogs I dig, ya'll. 


Anonymous said...

Love reading your blogs Taryn. I fully expect to read your novels someday! Love, Aunt Teri

The Hughes Family said...

Dang it. The Hughes Family Adventure was not an award winner? I thought FOR sure the antics of a 9 month old's daily life would get it! HAHA. So sorry we missed you this weekend.

Fash Boulevard said...

wonderful post, love. thanks for sharing. I'd love if you check out my latest outfit post. It's all about simplistic drama and one of my ultra favorite fall trends. xoxo

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