Monday, September 26, 2011

10 Things...

So, this weekend was pretty awesome. The boy and I have spent the last month just going going going with projects, wedding stuff, and work. This weekend was, of course, no different from that. Except that it was awesome. Thursday afternoon we hauled our cookies down to Georgia where both his parents and my sister and brother-in-law live and geared up for a long, activity-filled weekend. On the books was shopping and dinner with the boy's fam on Friday, then off to Atlanta to tailgate and attend the GA Tech game on Saturday and then hit up the Coldplay concert in Piedmont park Saturday evening.

So, with that said, below are 10 things that made this weekend perfect:


Getting to spend some quality time with the boy's family and see where he's from!

Me and my guy on our way to dinner with his family :-)

2The boy's sister flew up from Jacksonville, FL as a surprise and came to dinner with us! So fun to have his whole family together in their element. Wish we could have visited longer...

Real, authentic southern BBQ, including fall-off-the-bone ribs...tailgate perfection!

Soooo yummy!!

4Watching my man's eyes light up when the Athletic Director for GA Tech came by our tailgate and chatted with all the guys for about 15 minutes.


5When the Boy and I got in to my sister's place on Friday, my nephew was already in bed asleep, but when I walked in to the kitchen on Saturday morning (he was up helping CoCo (grandma) make breakfast) he ran up to me and hugged me and let me kiss all over his sweet cheeks. Then he sat on my lap at the game and we got to talk football :-)

Love this lil guy...

Somewhere around the 3rd quarter of the game, I had sweat through every layer of clothing and was sunburnt in about 10 places, and I stretched my legs out in the stands and rested my feet in the Boy's lap. He took my flip flops off and rubbed my feet (even though I didn't ask him to!). My brother-in-law promptly took his "man-card" away, but Keith told me later that he didn't care if he lost man points for rubbing my feet because I was hot and tired and stuck it out because GA Tech is his favorite team. Now that's love.

In front of the fountain on the GA Tech campus on the way to the Stadium

As an added bonus to the weekend, we got VIP tickets to the Music Midtown festival in Piedmont Park where we got to see The Black Keys and Coldplay (among others)...all compliments of my brother-in-law who works really hard and is awesome at his job and made the tickets happen for us. Did I mention that VIP tickets get you free food and adult beverages?? Oh, why yes, bartender....I would like another glass of Pinot Grigio!

Music Midtown silliness with K

Me and the sisters in the concert t-shirts we bought because it got soooo cold!

I spent the first half of the concert listening to Coldplay and resting my hand on Brynn's belly waiting for my nephew to move.  Kinda crazy and cool to feel that little guy squirm around in there!

Me and Brynn, and then Brynn and her hubby...I can't help but give her belly a lil' motorboat :-)

Sunday morning before we left to head home to Kentucky, we re-arranged some furniture in my sister's house and ended up taking a piece home with us that was exactly what we needed at our house.  Now we don't have to spend more money on a new piece of furniture for the kitchen and it looks great!!

I loved that K and me got to dance in Piedmont Park to "Fix You" by Coldplay while they shot off fireworks from the stage.  I also loved driving back Sunday afternoon and falling asleep in his lap while we listened to football on the radio.  It was a great weekend.

So, that was my great weekend...what did you do this weekend??????


Sarah Minnis said...

I'm not sure what "belly" you are kissing because Brynn does not have one!! Seriously - she and I are due at about the same time and she is so much smaller than me!! I'll claim "it's my 2nd" to make me feel better about it...

Liz Taylor said...

Looks so so so so fun! Your blog is so cute too. LOVE IT

Elizabeth said...

What a perfect weekend! Glad you had a great time with the boy and his family. That BBQ is making my mouth water - one of the things I miss most about the south.

Sunny & Star said...

Looks like a great time! Love the green dress.

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