Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Our Fun Weekend

Are you ready to pee your pants with jealousy??  If not, get ready to marvel in the fun and exciting weekend me and the boy had. 

It started like this:
That's my mom ripping up carpet

...and the dogs came to help...

And then things went a little like this:

And then our dogs came to help with the floor:

And then I got reaaaaalllly tired:

You dig my make-shift knee pads??  They were fashioned out of the boy's old socks which I promptly threw away after the job was done.

Foors worth every penny...and every bit of knee pain:

My handsome dad! 

But the real caviat of our weekend was THIS:
That's right folks, on top of installing new floors, we also had a yard sale this weekend.

Massive amounts of junk....people actually bought it too...

Yes, this too.  The real tragedy of this picture was not that I am marrying someone who owned it, but that someone actually PAID me to take it off my hands.  His poor wife. 

So there you have it friends...our weekend of fun.  We are heading off to Georgia again tomorrow for the and a GA Tech football game.  I'm sure I'll have some great pics and stories to share from yet another exciting weekend.  Until then....I'm off to finish watching Modern Family.


Stephanie said...

HA HA HA HA HA... I can't believe someone paid for the Lynard Skynard poster! Too funny!

Love the new floors! :) Happy Thursday!

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