Sunday, October 30, 2011

Our Home - So far...

Sorry for the longer than normal blogging hiatus....I've been a busy 'lil girl.  Not only have we been working like dogs at our day jobs, I've been to Atlanta for a baby shower for my sister, Louisville for another baby shower for my sister, taken a trip to Keeneland, and we shot our engagement photos.  Oh, and did I mention that in the midst of all that....I moved in with the boy. 

So that's pretty much been my life.  Not only have we moved in together, but we've taken on about a million household projects as well, including painting pretty much every room, putting in new floors, and a litany of other projects that have or will take place over the next few months.  Needless to say, I've barely been able to string two thoughts together in the last couple weeks that don't involve either work, or household projects. 

Anyways, all that aside, I am pretty happy with what we have accomplished so far.  We still have some finishing touches to do on the floors and the bedrooms (I will show you those in a later post once they are done), but the kitchen and living room area of the house have come together nicely, and are basically done.  So without further ado, I figured I would share some pics with you of the before and after (some of the before pics I have posted already, but oh well...).

The Before
The furniture is pushed to the middle of the room for paint preparation...notice the before carpet.

The After

pictures hung, new's getting there!

Even the dogs are tired from watching us work!

An old iron sewing stand turned into a table with a piece of glass....displaying some of the pics I re-framed.

The Before

The fireplace was a total early-'90's eye sore.  Oh, and can we talk about the blue paint?

The After

Painted it brick red and painted the gold on the fireplace black...a big improvement!

The Before

Our kitchen table area...notice the before builder-grade light fixture...

The After

Changed the table, changed the chairs, and most importantly, we hung a great iron's one of my favorite improvements in the whole room.

Our makeshift bar area...
I don't like wine or anything....

The Before

Notice the before bar stools....

The After

And the can't see them too well, but we painted them the same fireplace red and recovered the seat.  They look great!  Next project....countertops and new appliances!

Our coffe bar :-)

The transition into the living room.

So that's what we've been up to!  Although there is still much more to do, I am hoping that things will slow down enough and get back to normal so I can get back to blogging on a regular basis. 

Anyways, last but not least....I'll leave you with a sneak peek of some of our engagement photos.  Our photographer really is AH-MAZE-ING.  I can't wait to see how the rest turned out!

Night blog friends...have a great week!


Brekke said...

You've put in a lot of hard work!! Your house looks great :)

Amanda said...

Looks amazing! I'm very impressed, and I love the pictures of you two!

Elizabeth said...

Ahh! I love all of your home improvements! And your engagement pics are gorgeous!!!

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