Monday, March 5, 2012

iPhone illiterate

I may be a little "tardy for the party" when it comes to the iPhone....but I have finally given in and gotten one.  Truth be told, I brought it home from work today and thought seriously about not activating it...I have been a tried and true BlackBerry user for over 4 years now, and even though it's a little out of sync with what the rest of the world is doing, I really liked my CrackBerry.  It was familiar and it had a full keyboard.  Plus, after 4 years, it had a LOT of stuff on it...little notes and applications that I use on a daily basis.  Very sad to power that bad boy off and retire it to a junk drawer until I inevitably drop my phone in the toilet and have to re-activate it.

That said, I need some advice on what apps I must have and other little tidbits that will help me and my iPhone become BFF.  We are currently off to a somewhat rocky start ever since I asked Siri if she would plan my wedding for me, and she was all "I don't know what you're talking about."  Clearly she's a bitch.

Anywho...please leave a comment or tweet or whatev and share your favorite apps, tips, tricks, and must-have accessories.  I am currently in the market for a personalized iPhone case (one that does not have rhinestone Hello Kitty on it though) give me some recommendations on where I should look.

Much appreciated!!!


E said...

Hmm, my regularly used apps are:
Twitter, Facebook, Word With Friends, Hanging With Friends, Instagram, Hipstamatic, PS Express (photoshop), Groupon, Yelp, all my banks have apps, and CNN.
I like to organize them into categorized folders. (Photography, Music, News, etc).
An AUX cable is great if you have an outlet in your car. And a car charger is a must for me, too.
Tip: If you push the power button and circle button at the same time, it takes a screen shot. Also, if you hit the circle button twice (while the phone is locked) you can easily pull up the camera).
Hope you enjoy your new phone. I'm sure you'll adapt quickly.

Amanda said...

Where do I begin?

Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Temple Run, Words with Friends, Electric Mile (if you like to track your workouts), Pandora, Key Ring, ESPN, Pinterest... I could keep going if you'd like. You'll find as you go that there are some things you'll use more than others, but it is what it is. YAY for you having an iPhone though so we can play each other in WWF :)

Life In Heels said...

mobile rss, telenav, happy hours, sleep stream 2, flashlight, p tracker, e! online, red stamp, good reads, score center, hello vino, some e cards, red box, yelp, flixter, shazam, blogger, bill keeper, hey tell, whole foods recipes (list what u have and it will give you a recipe), spark recipes, food on the table, calorie counter, lose it, slim down with jillian michaels, opi, sephora, itranslate, currency, taxi magic, gas buddy, kayak, around me, amazon, red laser, card star (i think this is prob like key ring), scout mob, find iphone (YOU NEED THIS! if its ever lost, it tells u where it is!), emoji free... :)

Optimistic Existentialist said...

Wonderful blog! You're talented and witty. Keep up the good work and I look forward to reading much more!

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