Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Thought's on Facebook Timeline

Greetings blog readers!  It's been a while I know, but that's because I've been busy with the new facebook timeline...has anyone had a chance to check it out?  Last weekend we had our annual best gal pal get together with my closest ladies, and the topic of the new timeline came up.  My friend Whitney mentioned she had recently switched to it and had so much fun looking back through all of our old funny posts from when we lived together.  That was all we needed to whip out the old netbook and check out some of our glory days.  We had a good laugh trying to decode some of the ridiculous posts and comments and I decided I just had to check out my own timeline and have the same laugh over days past.

So, earlier this week, I poured myself a glass of vino and began checking out my days of facebook yore...and I was surprised at what I found.  While I did have a good laugh at quite a few things, it also brought up a lot of painful memories too.  It's easy to forget how much of our daily lives, thoughts, and feelings we tend to share on our facebook pages, and looking back through some of my old posts made me recall the exact feelings I had when sharing them.  I'm almost a little disappointed in myself at how much I let things and people affect me, especially boys who I dated and friends who turned out not to be friends at all.  While I've never been one to specifically call anyone out on the book or talk directly about boys who done me wrong, sometimes just expressing anger or frustration felt theraputic...

One particularly painful post from a couple summers ago in which I declared "I want the last 2.5 years of my life back!" brought back a lot of old feelings on my relationship with the boy.  That was a particularly icky stage for me when I was holding back a lot of pain and resentment over the way he handled our friendship.  At that time I had just gotten the courage to confront (via text, of course) him about a few things and let's just say the conversation went way differently than I had hoped.  Just thinking about the way I felt the night I posted that made me relive that sadness.  All that said, we of course did finally find our way and as I was scrolling through the last year, I got to relive happy times with me and the boy, including all the well wishes we recieved from friends and family when we got engaged this summer.  Amazing how a span of a couple years can literally change everything....which I guess is the other side of the coin when it comes to the timeline.

It wasn't all sad memories and regret over some of my past indiscretions....there were a lot of really amazing things I noticed as I scrolled through the last 7 years (yeah, 7 years) of my facebook history.  I got to go through old pictures of holidays with my family, vacations, and weddings and relive the good memories too.  I also got to re-read encouraging words from family, and sweet posts from friends I don't see nearly enough, but who I have always made the effort to keep in touch over the years.  I really made me appreciate the people have shown up in my timeline every year, always wanting to know what I am up to, congratulating me on new jobs, promotions, and asking me what's new in my life.  What a great reminder to be thankful for these people!  What a great reminder to me that even during times in my life that I felt sad or overwhelmed, there was so much to be thankful for!

Anyways, just figured I would share that...and don't worry, I too had the oligatory drunk college (and sadly post college as well) years documented on facebook (2004-2007) where me and my friends clearly spent all our free time exchanging inside jokes and reminding each other of the previous evenings shenanagans back and forth on each other's walls.  Apparently it took a lot of legwork to establish how fabulous we were to the public back then :-). 

So those are my thoughts on the new it AND hate it.  What about you?  Have you checked it out?  What's your verdict?


Emily said...

I love it & I hate it... although I do really like knowing that I can hide some posts from the past that I don't wanna remember!

Cute blog, I'm a new follower!

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