Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Everything is bigger in Texas...

It's true.  Everything is bigger in Texas...including my appetite...and sadly, my ass after the amount of food I consumed over Thanksgiving.  After 12 hours in the car with the family, we finally made it to Gilmer, TX.  The drive was well worth it!

My Aunt and Uncle's house

After we arrived on Wednesday and I regained the mobility back in my limbs, I quickly poured myself a glass of wine and caught up with my family, which had gathered from 4 different states to be together for the holiday. 

Mom and Aunt P

My Grandma Backy and cousin Becca

My sis...you can't tell, but she's 8 months preggo.

My sweet nephew, Drew.

As I mentioned in my last post, we actually celebrated Thanksgiving on Friday due to all the men taking off for the Texas vs. Texas A&M football game on Thursday.  Luckily for us, that gave all the gals time to prep for Thanksgiving dinner, play cards, and enjoy each other's company.  My aunt and uncle who hosted us had matching shirts for all the men and matching aprons for all the gals!

The boys, minus my Dad who took the pic.

Their matching shirts especially made for the game!

Cute girls' pic in our matching aprons!

And because we clearly couldn't help ourselves....
Not much to say here...but it was totally necessary.

Anywho......our Thanksgiving on Friday was just as wonderful as if we celebrated on Thursday.  The men watching football, the women scurrying around finishing up the meal, and me by the cheese and chicken ball tray stuffing my face.  All was as it should be. 

Our traditional pyramid pic after our annual t-giving football game.

Lounging before T-giving dinner....I spent most of this time with my face in the cheese tray...

Aunt Patty :)

My Momma

Yours Truly!

Our Thanksgiving spread...including Cranberry Fluff!!

Me, my mom, and my sisters

Grandpa carving the turkey

And as always, some family photos...these are the unedited versions...I still plan on photo-shopping the boy and the brother into the pic, since it's not really complete without them.  Sadly, their absence was the only thing missing from an otherwise awesome week. 

group shot

Our annual girls shot

girls' silly photo

Our Thanksgiving dinner was delicious and wonderful, and even though I was sad to part with the rest of the family, our clan hopped in the car and headed back to Kentucky on Saturday.  Nothing like spending 12 consecutive hours in the car to get me ready for the Christmas holiday!  We arrived back in Louisville on Saturday night at a little after 10:00pm.  I was rushing to get my bags out of the van and into my car to head back to Lexington to kiss on my guy....when what to my wandering eyes should appear, but my fiance with an overnight bag in tow.  He had surprised me and met me at my parents house when we got back in so we could relax and enjoy the evening together.  Yep girls, I've landed a good one!

That's all from me!  I'm off to enjoy the rest of my evening by my newly decorated for Christmas house!


Liz Taylor said...

Wow, what a fun weekend! Those aprons are so adorable and your sister is gorgeous. Definitely does not look 8 months pregnant.

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