Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Our Kitchen...Then & Now

It's amazing what one can accomplish in a year, isn't it?  I've mentioned in several posts over the last year that we've been working on a lot of home improvement projects, and I am finally ready to share some of them with you!  First up is our kitchen. 

A year ago around this time, I was prepping to move in with the boy, and may or may not have uttered the words "Over my dead body will I move in with floors like that and walls that color."  Okay I may not have said those exact words...but I sure was thinking them.  After months of agonizing over paint colors and floor samples, we finally made some decisions and got started on transforming the boy's bachelor pad into an actual home.

Before we did everything is pushed into the center while we prep for paint.

Old light fixture and all out liquor piled onto the kitchen this a single man's house or what?  Notice the wall is taped off for paint!

 A closer up picture of the counters before...this was for a superbowl party a couple years ago.

 A transitional picture of the kitchen...we got rid of the horrible peel and stick flooring and painted the walls...and obviously changed the decor a bit too :)

Another transition...after our cabinet restoration!  This was a total pain in the ass, but absolutely worth it!!

 During our countertop restoration...the messiest thing ever!

 The final product....for now anyways.  Still hoping to get a window treatment above the sink and new appliances.

 Backsplash completed!  Plus 101 Ways to Cook Southern Cookbook on display.

 We painted and recovered the seats on the old barstools too.  I have a feeling a new fabric and different color on the chairs are in the future once again for these chairs.

 Our bar!  One of my favorite furniture finds! 

 A yard sale find from our neighborhood!  $50 for the table and 4 chairs.  We painted the 4 chairs and table legs along with 2 chairs I already had.  We sanded down the top and re-stained it to a darker, prettier wood.  I love it!

An absolute steal from Craigs List.  Bought the Hutch and Matching table for $500 (brand new) and sold the table for $300.  Probably a $1000 piece at least, and we got it brand new for only $200!

So, what do you think of our progress?  We worked really hard to stay within our budget and be resourceful!  Plus, we know we will only be in this house for a few years.  We would have loved to invest in brand new granite counter tops and stainless steel appliances, but it just didn't make sense for us to put that kind of money into this particular home.  We love what we've done so far. 
For anyone who is curious, we used Rustoleum Transformations for the countertop and cabinet renovation.  Our cabinet color is Linen, with the glaze, and our counters are Java Chip!  I highly recommend this project for a complete transformation.  We did the counters and cabinets for less than $500 total. 
Happy hump day y'all!



Bre said...

It looks great! What a difference the color of counters and cabinets makes! I can't believe you did both for less than $500!

Keith said...

I still remember the day that you told me "I just want to change a couple of things in the house" should have saw that one coming.

Amanda said...

holy crap that transformation is amazing! and so much more homier and less manly! I love it! And I'm impressed with your finds on CraigList!

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