Wednesday, March 30, 2011

It's My Birthday and I'll Blog if I Want to...

Today I'm 27.  Not old by anyone's standards, but still it feels like I'm on the verge of many milestones.  I find myself continually replaying a clip for "The Newlyweds" (yep, Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson show...) where Jessica celebrates her 23rd birthday with the profound statement..."23 is old.  It's almost 25, which is like, almost mid-20s."  That is how I feel today, except on the other side.  27 is no longer most definitely falls into the "late-20s" category, which is like, almost 30. 

So I sit here today wondering what I wanted to do for my big day.  Thus far, it's been pretty great.  I got to sleep in...had a nice big (and healthy!) breakfast with the boyfriend, a nice little workout, lunch with my very best gals, and dinner with the family.  Everyone says on your birthday that you should do what you I decided to start a blog.  After all, it's my birthday and I'll blog if I want to...

My birthday actually got started a little early....last night actually.  My boyfriend went old school on me and made me a mixed tape.  Okay, it's really a mixed cd, but there's something fun and cheesy about calling it a mixed tape still.  Let me preface this by saying that I made one for him for Valentine's day this year and filled it with songs that had special meaning to me or our relationship as well as songs that I love that make me think of him.  It went over pretty well, so I was pleasantly surprised when he thoughtfully put one together for me and even made the insert for the CD out of construction paper with cute notes about each song and its significance.  My favorite was one by Zac Brown band called "Whatever It Is".  They are Georgia boys just like my Keith is, so they are one of the few country groups/singers I actually like. 

So, yeah, I love my CD, cheesy as it may be.  Other awesome songs on it were Marc Broussard, "The Wanderer", Brad Paisley "Little Moments" and of course James Morrison "You Give Me Something."  I highly recommend checking them out if you are unfamiliar with any of the above songs.

So here I am....birthday nearly over and I am reflecting on the day and doing the inevitable comparison to birthday's past.  The verdict is in....27th birthday = best one yet.  I got a lot of great gifts and cards today, but the best things didn't come in bags or wrapped in boxes.  True story.  My best gifts are these....

These girls you see here have been with me through thick and thin...through sick and sin....through break-ups, make-ups, and fuck-ups....what is a birthday without them?  Well I frankly wouldn't know and hope I never find out.  Love them.

And of course the's not really a birthday until Kelli Lorenzen (aka...Mom) has woken you up at an ungodly hour to sing you "Happy Birthday" in a way-to-chipper and shrill tone for any time of day, let alone when the sun isn't even up.  Yeah that happened.  Every year.  Without fail.  But it wouldn't be my birthday without it.  Nor would it feel right if my phone didn't continually ring throughout the day with various    well wishes and "I love you's" from the people you care about most. 

And lastly...birthday love from all my boys...

Even though Sawyer can't make me a mixed tape, he can leave a trail of slobber on my black pants just as I'm walking out the door for the gym that I'm confident is his way of saying "Happy Birthday Mom...I looove you.....".  Either that or it means..."I'm hungry and as soon as you leave I'm going to eat the couch cushions."

I would like to say in closing on this here inagural blog post....thanks to all who went out of their way today to make me feel special.  It really means a lot and I feel incredibly loved and blessed.  And last but not least...a disclaimer...despite the generally cheesy and sappy sentiments expressed in this blog post....don't get used to it... :-)

3 comments: said...

Yay!! Welcome to le bloggy world! Your life will never be the same. Happy Birthday again, I love ya lady ;)

The Hughes Family said...

Yay Taryn- I know your blog will be one of my favorites. Hope you're doing wonderful! Miss you. And Happy Birthday!!!!!

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